Edmundo Bal asks not to do "demagogy" and criticizes the model of "baronies" of Igea hours before the debate with Arrimadas

Bal and the spokeswoman in the Equality Commission, Sara Giménez, who are part of the team with which the parliamentary spokeswoman, Inés Arrimadas competes, have expressed their desire that this debate be "fruitful" and "constructive" and that it serves to Each of the candidates submit their project so that the militants can choose.

In the press conference they have offered in Congress to present several initiatives, both have proclaimed their "pride" of being part of the Arrimadas candidacy and have highlighted their commitment to give more prominence to the militants.


Asked about the fact that the only debate between Arrimadas and Igea is going to be held behind closed doors, Bal has taken away this circumstance. "Although it is an internal debate, a similarity can be made with the pre-election debates and it is not relevant whether there are militants on the set or not," he argued.

In addition, he highlighted the commitment of Arrimadas for the role of militancy, emphasizing that he believes that a channel of communication with affiliates is created and that they can force management to decide on certain matters.

"These are the ways in which a modern party must ratify its commitment to militancy, without any demagogy," he said, just before criticizing Igea's model of baronies. "Arrimadas says, 'I want for my party the same thing I want for Spain," he defended, making it clear that you have to look "on individuals and not on territories."

In addition, after being confident in the victory of his candidate, Bal has called for unity after the Assembly that will take place on March 14 and 15. "It is the moment in which the party must be more united than ever, the Spaniards are going to realize the importance of this liberal center space that Citizens occupy and it is time to ask everyone to row in it address, "he said.


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