Thu. Mar 21st, 2019

Editor Claudio López de Lamadrid dies

Muere el editor Claudio López de Lamadrid

The editor Claudio López from Lamadrid, born in Barcelona in 1960, has passed away as a result of a cerebral stroke. Editor-in-chief of Random House and coordinator of the entire Penguin Random House group in Latin America, he worked all his life despite being part of an aristocratic family (the Marquises of Comillas): he learned the trade of editor at a very young publisher Tusquets, the company that his uncle Antonio headed with his wife Beatriz de Moura, who sent him to Paris for six months to work with Christian Bourgois with the idea that, in the future, he would succeed them in front of the seal. But, at age 29, he left the publishing house to start working as a translator and freelance literary critic. He participated, along with his friend Ignacio Echevarría, in the creation of Galaxia Gutenberg.

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Later, he became responsible for Grijalbo Mondadori and, when this group merged with Random House, he was in charge of the literary division of Bertelsmann's multinational. He lived, then, the transformation of the publishing industry from "when it was in the hands of a few select editors" to the domain of large groups, which however, often repeated, "I have never been prevented from working as an independent editor" .

He lived the transformation of the publishing industry from "when it was in the hands of a few select editors" to the domain of large groups

Key to the expansion of its publishing group in Latin America, he recently explained to this newspaper that "we now bill 50% or 60%, before only 40%." Of his great milestones as an editor, he chose The infinite joke David Foster Wallace, because "everyone told me I was crazy, I hired him when I was very young, for a high amount, I was very unconscious. Now I would not dare, I have become prudent with age. Then I threw myself into the pool and it turned out to be a best seller, it is sold every year and it has functioned as the seal's flagship. Today I would reject it because of the fear that it would give me to catch my fingers ". His labels introduced many great names in American literature to the market in Spanish and he was the reference editor - if one had to choose one - of the literary agent Carmen Balcells.

He cultivated enormously the personal relationship with the authors, with whom he shared unrepeatable moments and innumerable confidences. He liked that much more than dealing with the media or the critics, tasks that he left in the hands of his collaborators. Her last couple was the writer Ángeles González-Sinde, former Minister of Culture with Rodríguez Zapatero. He had a son with his first wife, also editor Miriam Tey, and a daughter with Elsa Serra, owner of El Salero restaurant, del Borne.

With it disappears one of the largest publishers that has been in the Hispanic world and, therefore, in the world, with an impressive catalog that includes names such as Gabriel García Márquez, Philip Roth, JMCoetzee, Orhan Pamuk, César Aira or Javier Fences, among many others.

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