August 15, 2020

Ediles visit Chinese shops in Madrid against false alarm for coronavirus

With the intention of curbing the alarm around the infection of the coronavirus and preventing stigmatization of Chinese citizens living in Madrid, several members of the municipal government of Madrid have gone to several shops in Usera on Sunday, where 30,000 Chinese live.

With this message of tranquility they have moved this morning to Usera, the district councilor, Loreto Sordo; the delegate of the Area of ​​Culture, Tourism and Sports, Andrea Levy; the delegate of the Area of ​​Economy, Innovation and Employment, Miguel Ángel Redondo; and the councilor of the Puente de Vallecas district, Borja Fanjul, accompanied by the business manager of the Chinese embassy, ​​Yao Fei.

“We do not believe false alarms around what is happening around the coronavirus,” said Levy, who stressed the need to avoid stigmatization messages towards the Chinese population “that have nothing to do with reality because they are the first interested “and that all established protocols follow with special sensitivity.

Levy has also expressed his confidence towards the public health system, which acts with rigor and professionalism and has revealed the “outstretched hand of the PP for the Government of Spain for cases that may arise.”

“Spanish society cannot live uneasily when it is absolutely controlled,” said the representative of the PP, who said that the Government works together with the Autonomous Communities: “it is important that the Ministry works in collaboration with them, and do so with total information transparency “.

The business manager of the Chinese Embassy in Spain, Yao Fei, has expressed his gratitude for the messages of solidarity from the Royal House, the President of the Government and his cabinet, the regional and municipal governments, medical experts and Spanish citizens.

“Spain is with China in this historic and heroic fight against the coronavirus,” said Yao Fei, who has asked for peace of mind since “there is confidence in Spain’s ability to defend itself against this threat.”

Given the two confirmed cases of infection in Spain, “excellent work” has been done and all measures have been taken to prevent and control the spread of the virus, said the representative of the Embassy.

Yao Fei has said that all of China, from its president, its government, its doctors and its citizens, is fighting “with great heroism and great responsibility and determination against the coronavirus”: “in the end this battle will be won by the determination of the people Chinese and for international support, “he has guaranteed.

The delegation has toured the streets Dolores Barranco and Nicolás Usera of the district and have visited some establishments run by the Chinese community to show the support of the City Council to the merchants of the neighborhood.

Thus, they have entered a supermarket in a Chinese chain whose managers have explained how they bring solidarity food packages to people who have recently returned from China and who, voluntarily, are in quarantine at their homes.

Thus, explained Raul, one of the managers of the supermarket, Chinese citizens who have returned from their country must show their passport and stamped visa so that food packages are delivered to their homes and thus, not have to go out to the street.

“In five days of initiative, 200 boxes have been distributed throughout Spain from our supermarkets. It’s been 24 hours since they get in touch until the package is delivered and we have no contact with them for prevention,” he said.

The owners of the supermarket recognize that sales have declined, as has Xuanyi, the head of a stationery and bookstore, who have also visited the representatives of the City of Madrid.


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