Ecuador's president talks with related unions on labor reform

The president of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, met Wednesday with representatives of unions related to his management to discuss a controversial labor reform that has been rejected by other workers' organizations.

Moreno, who between October 10 and 13 endured harsh demonstrations against an economic austerity plan, linked to a credit agreement with the IMF and that includes a proposal to make labor contracts more flexible, met today with representatives of certain workers' organizations to listen to the proposals of the sector.

The vice president of the country, Otto Sonnenholzner, also participated in the meeting, held at the Presidential Palace in Quito; the Minister of Government (Interior), María Paula Romo; and the Minister of Labor, Andrés Madero, reported in a statement the General Secretariat of Communication of the Presidency.

The union representatives who attended the meeting rejected the violent protests against the Government, especially in Quito, convened by indigenous and social organizations, including the Unitary Front of Workers, the largest labor center in the country.

"We strongly reject what happened. We believe that we must learn from it so that this does not happen again in Ecuador," said Cristóbal Buendía, attorney of the Federation of Public and Private Workers.

Oswaldo Chica, president of the Unitary Central of Workers, informed that the proposals presented in this meeting to the Executive, on the labor reform, were received positively by the authorities.

"We have come up with clear proposals, proposals that are applicable, that through dialogue we can reach consensus," said Chica.

Minister Andrés Madero said that all proposals on labor matters have been agreed with the main representatives of the workers and by the National Labor and Wages Council, which also includes employers' representatives.

The Government is "firm in its dialogue policy and will continue to hold meetings with different sectors of the country with the purpose of reaching agreements for the benefit of all Ecuadorians," the Communication Secretariat added in its text.

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