Ecuadorian Solidarity Committee condemns expulsion of Venezuelan ambassador

Ecuadorian Solidarity Committee condemns expulsion of Venezuelan ambassador

The Ecuadorian Committee of Solidarity between the Peoples condemned today the expulsion of the ambassador of Venezuela in Ecuador, Carol Delgado, stating that it is a "betrayal" to the integration of the peoples of the region.

In a statement, the committee highlights the outright rejection of the "intolerant and extremist" measure adopted by the Government of Ecuador and demands that this "bad decision be reviewed where those affected are not only the Venezuelan people, but all the peoples of Our America." .

The criticism of the Ecuadorian Government by the Committee was given to Pedro Sassone, business manager of the Venezuelan embassy, ​​outside the diplomatic legation in Quito.

"These are moments of concern but the truth always arises, sometimes it takes time, but it will prevail," the diplomat told the media outside the embassy.

Ecuador today expelled the top Venezuelan diplomatic representative after Wednesday the Minister of Communication and Information of his country, Jorge Rodriguez, accused President Lenin Moreno of "lying" about the number of Venezuelan migrants who arrived in the country.

Soon after, Venezuela took the same measure and expelled the Ecuadorian business manager, Elizabeth Méndez, because the new ambassador's dispatch was pending since the beginning of the summer.

"This was planned so that Ecuador's ambassador to Venezuela was never sent," argued José Ariza, the national coordinator of the Committee, about this delay, caused in fact by a controversial statement made in July by Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro to the judicial process followed. in Ecuador the exmandatario Rafael Correa.

Ariza said that with the delivery of said statement they intend to denounce internationally the expulsion of the ambassador and stressed that this is an "aggression against all the sovereignty of the peoples of Latin America."


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