July 30, 2021

Ecuador works to open tourism to the Galapagos on July 1

The Ecuadorian government works to open tourism to the Galapagos archipelago on July 1, the country’s vice president, Otto Sonnenholzner reported this Saturday.

“In the Galapagos Islands, the health emergency has been adequately managed and we are working with local authorities so that from July 1 this tourist destination will reopen its doors with new control regulations,” the vice president wrote on his Twitter account.

Norman Wray, minister president of the Galapagos Governing Council, recalled that on Friday he held a meeting with Sonnenholzner and Health Minister Juan Carlos Zevallos, “with good news for the islands,” he said.

“We have taken care of the Galapagos and its people for when they can visit us again,” said Wray in his profile on the social network Twitter.

He added that “the effort to control the pandemic has been thanks to the joint work of the population and the authorities, but above all due to the tireless work of the officials” of the Ministry of Health.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Health, 76 cases were reported on Friday in the Galapagos archipelago, located about a thousand kilometers from the Ecuadorian continental coasts.

Tourist activities, the main source of income of the also known as Enchanted Islands are suspended due to the pandemic that has left more than 38,000 infected in Ecuador.

According to the Ministry of Health, on Friday Ecuador registered 3,334 deaths from COVID-19 and another 2,129 “probable”, as well as 38,571 positives of this disease nationwide.

The data by provinces, which are based solely on PCR tests, indicated that the Guayas coast continued to lead the list, registering 13,928 infected and 1,397 deaths, followed by the Andean region of Pichincha, whose capital is Quito, with 3,911 positives and 300 deaths. .

The provinces of Manabí followed them in order with 2,199 cases, Los Ríos with 1,473 and El Oro that had 1,066 infections, while the rest of the provinces had less than a thousand cases each.

According to the official daily report released by the authorities, 15,406 infected were stable on Friday in home isolation and 464 hospitalized in stable condition, while 231 are admitted under reserved prognosis.

In addition 3,850 patients had recovered, 4,269 were discharged from the hospital and 11,017 had been discharged epidemiologically, according to the Ministry, which this Saturday has not provided updated statistics.

Ecuador is in a process of phase change of the epidemiological strategy to face the COVID-19 pandemic and seeks to move from mass isolation to social distancing, with the gradual and coordinated lifting of the restrictions in force since March 16.


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