June 22, 2021

Ecuador will offer its "four worlds" in Fitur 2019

Ecuador will offer its "four worlds" in Fitur 2019

Ecuador is ready to participate in the International Tourism Fair of Madrid (Fitur) 2019, between January 23 and 27, where it will present its "four worlds": The Andean highlands, the tropical coast, the exuberant Amazon and the paradisiacal islands Galápagos.

The Minister of Tourism, Rosi Prado, assured Efe that at the meeting, one of the most important in Europe, Ecuador will announce "its four worlds" and that "combination of factors" that make it a "wonderful country".

And it is that the Andean country not only offers "wonderful landscapes", but usually enjoys good weather throughout the year, a "manageable currency" such as the dollar, good hotels and restaurants but, above all, "friendliness" and gestures nice people to visitors, he added.

All this has helped the good connectivity now available in the country, especially in the air interconnection with Spain, from where there is almost a daily flight and two airlines that directly connect both nations and to which from next March another Spanish airline will be interested. in covering the route, said the minister.

He recalled that, according to international reports, there are "more than 100,000 tourists visiting Ecuador from Spain", and that market has grown by 69 percent between 2017 and 2018, before reiterating that the country is considered an economically convenient destination for tourists Foreign.

Ecuador is a country that, in terms of tourism, "is improving" and that "is opening to the world" with a varied offer that allows you to enjoy adventures in the high Andean mountains, the relaxation of coastal beaches on the Pacific Ocean, the mysterious charm of the Amazon rainforest and the paradise called Galapagos in a short space of time.

Therefore, assured the head of Tourism, it is important the presence of Ecuador in the Fitur of Madrid, where he will install a large showcase with a wide range of offers.

Representatives of the business sector such as tour operators, hotels, restaurants and others will be part of the Ecuadorian delegation at the fair, headed by the minister, who this year will pay tribute to Carolina Sánchez, whom she qualified as an ambassador of the country's gastronomy in Spain.

She, together with Iñaki Maura, are responsible for the gourmet restaurant Ikaro, in Logroño, in the north of Spain, which has achieved a Michelin star, for its culinary proposal that combines the gastronomy of Álava, La Rioja and Ecuador.

During the Fitur "we are going to reward this Ecuadorian chef" who has left the name of the country and its rich gastronomy high, the minister said.

All this, remarked Prado, is part of a national government strategy to turn tourism into "Ecuador's first source of foreign currency," after oil revenues.

He stressed that the Executive is committed to promoting "efforts to achieve good results" in a sector whose expectation is to maintain its "tendency to grow".

In an area of ​​67,495 square meters, 2.5% more than the previous edition, the fair of the Spanish capital will host 886 regular exhibitors, which represents a rebound of 8.3% over 2018.

Fitur will host thousands of business meetings, including 6,000 appointments among 110 international buyers from 38 invited countries, and there will be 350 exhibitors and participants.


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