October 26, 2020

Ecuador reports 2,688 dead and 32,723 infected by coronavirus

The number of deaths confirmed by COVID-19 rose to 2,688 this Saturday, while the number of probable deaths from this disease totals 1,632 in Ecuador, where those infected reached 32,723, according to official data.

So far 93,344 samples for SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus have been taken between PCR and rapid tests.

A total of 14,126 of the confirmed cases (23,786 by PCR and 8,937 by rapid tests) are stable in home isolation, 404 hospitalized in a stable situation and 195 with a reserved prognosis.

According to the daily statistics bulletin of the Ministry of Health, 3,433 patients have recovered, 3,226 have been discharged from hospital and 8,651 have been epidemiologically discharged.

Based on the results of the PCR tests, the province of Guayas, the one most affected by COVID-19, reports 12,907 cases.

Guayas is followed by the provinces of Pichincha, whose capital is Quito, (2,520), Manabí (1,468), Los Ríos (1,179), El Oro (907), Azuay (671) and Santa Elena (644), Santo Domingo de los Táschilas (558), Esmeraldas (417) and Tungurahua (337).

The rest of the provinces have less than 300 cases each.

56% of those infected are men and, by age group, 55.9% are in the range of 20 to 49 years, followed by 50 to 64 years (24.8%), and over 65 (16.3%).

Lower percentages are recorded in people under the age of 19, according to official figures.

Since March 16, the population of Ecuador has been in home and mass isolation.

However, the national government authorities have applied a “traffic light” system for the gradual and coordinated lifting of restrictions on human mobility, vehicles and the gradual return to work activities.

Daule, in the Guayas province, and Palora, in the Morona Santiago province, were the first cantons (localities) to change from “red” to “yellow” in the epidemiological traffic light system.

On Friday, three additional cantons became “yellow”, including one of the most infected in the country, allowing them to reduce the curfew in four hours and reopen some commercial activities.

Government Minister María Paula Romo revealed that Samborondón, in the province of Guayas, and Paute and El Pan, in the province of Azuay, both in the south of the country, are passing phase.


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