July 27, 2021

Ecuador raises those infected by coronavirus to 15 after a new case

Ecuador raised this Sunday to fifteen the number of people infected by the COVID-19 virus after discovering a new case related to Ecuadorian women residing in Spain who arrived in the country on February 14.

This was reported by the authorities in a part where they say that “the new patient has mild symptoms,” and “belongs to the near circle of the first infected.”

Therefore, it was within the “respective epidemiological fence.”

This is the 71-year-old woman who caused the spread of at least thirteen other people until yesterday, and fourteen with the last confirmation.

In Ecuador there is another source of contagion, different from those fourteen, after Friday a foreigner who visited the country was informed and is not linked to the family or contact circle of the first case.

“This is a foreign person who traveled to Ecuador for tourism,” the Ministry of Health reported Friday.

For now, the only three hospitalized are this last patient, the Ecuadorian resident in Spain, and another person who tested positive, was in home isolation but was transferred this Sunday to a hospital in stable condition.

In the same statement this Sunday, the Ministry of Health has also confirmed that the Paraguayan citizen who was infected with coronavirus during a visit to the country is related to the first patient.

“It was determined that their contagion would be linked to the older adult that corresponds to the first case,” notes the press release.

In recent days, Ecuadorian authorities had increased control measures at airports to avoid further contagion, and from next Tuesday passengers from countries such as Spain or Brazil will be required to submit a health declaration at the Migration counters .


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