Ecuador extends the state of emergency by COVID-19 for sixty days

The Government of Ecuador reported on Tuesday that it will extend the state of emergency that it decreed on March 16 for a further sixty days, to face the expansion of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

Ecuadorian President Lenín Moreno also highlighted the predisposition of the State and Public Security Council (Cosepe) to analyze measures that allow a "reengineering" of state budgets and undertake actions against the coronavirus pandemic.

"With the support of the Security Council, we extended the state of emergency for a further 30 days, starting on May 16. Great predisposition for Cosepe to proceed with a comprehensive reengineering of the institutional budgets of the functions of the State!", Moreno wrote on his Twitter account.

Likewise, he pointed out that until the end of May all public institutions must carry out their budget reviews to adapt public finances to the situation of health, economic and social crisis.

"The budgetary revisions will be between 10% and 15% without affecting missionary activities (typical of management). Until May 30, we must all adopt the corresponding measures, in accordance with the Constitution and the laws," and with the accompaniment of the Ministry of Finance, added the president.

In addition, he reiterated his call "to all public and private institutions to join efforts in the fight against this emergency."

According to the latest report on the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, issued by the Ecuadorian authorities on Monday, there have been 1,569 deaths in the country, another 1,336 deaths classified as "probable cases", and 31,881 positive cases of the disease.

The coronavirus, which has paralyzed the country since March 16, has taken a heavy toll on the economic level, forcing the government to borrow more heavily than expected.

"Only a joint work will allow us to get ahead and lift the country. We do everything based on life, employment and productivity," added the head of state.

Moreno's pronouncement came at a time when student organizations staged a peaceful demonstration in Quito to reject cuts by the government in the budgets of the country's public universities.

The students, with adherence to sanitary measures such as the use of masks and the distance of about two meters between each protester, and before the watchful eye of the police, demanded that the cut in higher education be reviewed, considering that this would mean dismissal. of teachers and the reduction of the academic offer.


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