April 22, 2021

Ecuador delivers nearly 11,000 visas for humanitarian reasons to Venezuelans

Ecuador has delivered nearly 11,000 Exception visas for Humanitarian Reasons to Venezuelan citizens since last August, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility reported on Saturday.

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry explained that between August 19 and December 26 of this year, it issued a total of 25,780 visas in favor of Venezuelan citizens.

Of these, 10,976 correspond to Exception Visas for Humanitarian Reasons (VERHU), issued in the framework of the process of regularization of Venezuelan citizens established by an Executive Decree of July 26, 2019.

As of October 26 of this year, when the regularization process began, 2,824 visas have been granted for humanitarian reasons through the consulates of Caracas (Venezuela), Bogotá (Colombia) and Lima (Peru).

The rest corresponds to exceptional visas for humanitarian reasons granted through the zonal coordination and the Center for the Issuance of Exception Visas (CEVE).

In its statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that there are visa applications that have been rejected for various reasons, among the most recurrent are the erroneous registration of names or surnames, dates of birth, or problems when uploading scanned documents to the Virtual Consulate platform.

The process of issuing the exception visa for humanitarian reasons, in accordance with the regulations, will conclude on March 31, 2020.

Therefore, the Foreign Ministry invited Venezuelan citizens to carry out the corresponding procedures in advance of the case, and make use of this mechanism created by the National Government, chaired by Lenin Moreno, so that they can access a safe, orderly and regular migration .

The process can be accessed through the website www.consuladovirtual.gob.ec and in relation to the registration or immigration census, this process corresponds exclusively to the Ministry of Government, through the portal https: //registro.migracion.gob .ec, detailed in the Foreign Ministry in the brief.

Following the economic and political situation in Venezuela, more than 4.5 million of its inhabitants have had to leave their country since 2015, according to the UN.

Ecuador, according to figures from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), welcomes 263,000 Venezuelans.


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