March 8, 2021

Ecorganic and Veritas team up to create the largest chain of organic supermarkets in Spain | Economy

The Valencian chain Ecorganic and the Catalan Veritas have joined together to create "the largest group of organic food in Spain ", with the sum of a total of 72 supermarkets and 700 employees and the forecast to reach a turnover of one hundred million euros in 2019, as announced by the Valencian firm.

The common project will maintain and develop the two commercial companies, both "leaders" in their respective territories. The two chains total a total of 72 supermarkets, distributed between Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, the Basque Country, Navarra, Madrid, the Valencian Community and Andorra.

This new group, emerged from "the confluence of values ​​and commitments", aims to strengthen leadership in the sale and distribution certified organic food, highlights Ecorganic.

Facade of an ecorganic supermarket.

Facade of an ecorganic supermarket. Europa Press

In short, the union of the two brands seeks to provide "a new impetus for the purpose of promoting organic, certified, sustainable and socially fair food, which favors a relationship with producers that goes beyond the commercial."

The two companies share "100% vision and values", so with their alliance they seek to strengthen and expand a joint value proposition for clients and collaborators, as stated by Veritas cofounder and CEO, Silvio Elías.

Ecorganic is an ecological supermarket chain born more than ten years ago with the purpose of boosting the healthy food market. His initial bet was trying to distinguish himself from other businesses of this type by offering lower prices. It also sells products such as vegetables, seaweed, teas, sugar, fresh fruits and nuts in bulk. It offers more than 6,000 product references.

Veritas was a pioneer company in Catalonia and emerged 17 years ago "betting on organic food as the healthiest alternative," according to the company itself on its website. The firm highlights the incorporation in its stores of an air purification system "It cleans the indoor air of pollen, bacteria and polluting gases."

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