Economy expects Brussels to approve the Spanish Recovery Plan tomorrow




The new Secretary of State for the Economy and Business Support, Gonzalo García Andrés, confirmed this Wednesday that "Probably" the European Commission will give the go-ahead to the Spanish Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan this Wednesday, which will be announced by the president of the Community Executive, Ursula von der Leyen, in Madrid. Spain will be like this in the first consignment of countries that will receive the green light from the community executive, as indicated by García Andrés before the Committee on Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation in the Congress of Deputies.

«This is not that it has touched us in the order, but it is the recognition and result of all work that has been being done to finalize the Plan with the European Commission ”, remarked the Secretary of State for the Economy.

Gonzalo García Andrés added that this fiscal stimulus and transformation plan financed with common debt is a "huge opportunity" for the country in the medium and long term, thanks to the package of reforms and investments to channel the 140,000 million European reconstruction funds that Spain will receive until 2026.

The Secretary of State for the Economy and Business Support defended that "the objectives have been aligned with the priorities of the European Commission and the Government", specifying the plan very much, investments and reforms, with a "very defined" timetable, "Ambitious and structured." He recalled that the Government's approach is to focus the execution in 2021-23 "so that it has the maximum impact", and that the maximum of public and private investment can be mobilized to "grow now and in the future."

García Andrés explained that the intention is "to allow this recovery not to be a rebound but rather the beginning of a more intense growth phase" and inclusive, since the plan is a "kind of investment and reform shock" in the face of the blow that has occurred. course the pandemic.

The Government places the positive effect of European funds at 2% per year for both this year and next year and also contemplates that they will allow the creation of 800,000 new jobs in six years.

Visit of Von der Leyen

Spain presented a first plan to Brussels on October 7 after and a final text on April 30, which is the one that the European Commission has examined and "which tomorrow will foreseeably evaluate and give its approval so that the Council in July can approve it," he explained. It would be the definitive procedure to launch the reforms and investments that will be able to mobilize 140,000 million euros of the 'NextGeneration EU' towards Spain.

The key meeting of the Community Executive coincides, precisely, with the visit to Spain of the President of the European Commission, tomorrow, Wednesday to analyze the plan and as a starting point for a tour of various European capitals to evaluate the respective National Recovery and Resilience applied to 'Next Generation' funds. Von der Leyen will start this tour with Portugal and Spain, to move the next day to Greece and Denmark and on Friday he will stop in Luxembourg.

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