February 27, 2021

Economists facing the crisis asks the progressive forces for an agreement to "rebuild social cohesion and justice"

The professionals who form Economists in the face of the crisis ask the progressive forces to agree in a letter "determined and firm policies, and necessarily in all three areas, can reverse the situation and favor and do more 'resilient the economy, and recompose cohesion and social justice. Is the time. The political moment in which Spain must decide how its future should be, what society we want ".

This group of experts insists that "the fundamental problem is not the composition of the Government but what policies we must carry out in the coming years "in a moment of paralysis in the negotiations between the PSOE and United We can to form a" government of collaboration ".

The declaration of Economists facing the crisis points out "three strategic areas of economic policy that at this moment should be defined without ambiguity". On the one hand, they point out that if the precariousness of employment is not drastically reduced, the labor market stabilizes and the link between wages and productivity is restored, the distribution of income for wage earners will not improve. In addition, they add that if fiscal justice and public expenditures are not increased, guaranteeing that the most favored, citizens and companies, pay more according to their high incomes, redistribution will not increase, the welfare of the majority of citizens will not be reinforced. because the resources will still not reach and will not reduce the very high and undignified social inequality.

Finally, they point out that if the regulatory reforms required by the markets, the energy transition and housing are not addressed decisively -reformation of the electricity market; the creation of public parks for rental housing, among others – the economic boost, investment, change of productive model and competitiveness that Spain, and in particular its youngest population, need will not be achieved.

This group of professionals recalls that "ten years after the crisis began, the consequences of the adopted policies are verified: the real average income is today in Spain the same as 10 years ago, but, while the richest 1% has increased their income 21%, the poorest 40% have lost what others have won. " Furthermore, they argue that "the effects do not disappear with growth because the structures that guarantee distribution and redistribution have been devastated, and if the same things continue to be done, the same results will be obtained, sharpened".

For this reason, Economists facing the crisis points out that "lThe particular interests of many economic and political groups can not and should not stop this triple transformation that must necessarily begin and progress clearly during the next four years ".

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