December 5, 2020

Economic keys that will mark the week in Latin America

The economic week in Latin America will be marked by the publication of inflation data in large economies in the region, such as Brazil and Mexico, and the publication of business results of companies such as Telefónica, Itau and YPF.

According to the economist Juan Carlos Martínez Lázaro, of the IE Business School, another focus of interest will be the evolution in Argentina of the exchange "stocks" implemented on election night and its possible impact on the peso.

These are the milestones that will mark the economic week of Latin America:


Monday will be a day marked by the presentation of results: the accounts corresponding to the third quarter of Itau, the largest private bank in Brazil, also present in Argentina and Paraguay will be known.

In addition, Telefónica Brasil will present its results, one day before the multinational publishes its accounts in Madrid, with data from its subsidiaries in Latin America.


On Tuesday the minutes of the meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Central Bank of Brazil will be known, which last week reduced interest rates to 5% annually, its lowest historical level, the same day that the Federal Reserve (Fed) American downgraded the rates for the third time in a row.

In the US, the Commerce Department will publish the trade balance corresponding to September.

In addition, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), to which Venezuela and Ecuador belong, will present its annual report on the evolution of the global long-term crude oil market.

In Mexico, the Senate evaluates and ends the debate on the legalization or not of cars imported into the US, while in Colombia the inflation data will be published in October.


In Brazil, this Wednesday is the first of the two rights auctions to exploit areas of the marine pre-salt, which includes 14 oil companies.

In Argentina, the industrial production data in the country corresponding to September is presented.


Another auction of rights is held in the Brazilian presal to exploit crude oil, which includes 17 oil companies, including the Spanish Cepsa and Repsol, in addition to other multinationals such as BP, Chevron and Shell.

As for macro data, the statistical offices of Brazil and Mexico make public the inflation recorded in October.

Third-year results are published by the state-owned Banco do Brasil, as well as those of Spanish construction companies ACS and Sacyr, with a presence in Latin America.


Chile publishes the inflation corresponding to October and China disseminates the evolution of its foreign trade also in October.

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