November 24, 2020

Economic ideological rearmament of citizens for politicians

Economic ideological rearmament of citizens for politicians


Political conventions seem to always sound the same. Or that is the feeling for the rest of the mortals. In fact, for many observers, the Popular Party's convention this weekend ran the risk of becoming a succession of speeches and applause with hardly any content. But the popular ones had foreseen that it was not like that. Important staging an image of unity, yes-hence the mandatory speeches of the two presidents, Rajoy on Friday, and Aznar on Saturday, while the current leader, Pablo Casado, closed on Sunday, but had to go much further. Ideological rearmament with help.

Whose? The citizen, on stage. This is civil society that involves citizens acting collectively in a public sphere to express their interests, passions and ideas, and exchanging information to achieve common goals. For this reason, the PP has given voice to civil society, represented by more than 80% of the participants in the popular convention through several thematic tables.

All of them with the presence of liberal citizens. And to the defense exhibitions of the unit of Spain; Alternatives to the Law of Historical Memory; Education, Health or Culture, will join the traditional Economic, moderate for what many saw as the true economic guru of the Casado reign, who would report: Isabel García Tejerina (in the image).

And the "moderate" citizens by Tejerina, in charge of instructing those present, three of the most prestigious liberal economists in Spain: Lorenzo Bernaldo de Quirós, Daniel Lacalle and Carlos Rodríguez Braun. The objective? Defend and promote economic freedom. In short, a real laboratory of ideas for the future political-economic program of the PP of Casado.

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