Economic crimes trigger the specialization of law firms towards criminal law




Economic crimes represent a blow to the national economy of more than 3.5% of Spanish GDP. In 2019, the number of proceedings opened for crimes against property far exceeded the rates of any previous year. According to a report issued by the Foundation for Studies in Applied Economics (Fedea), these crimes caused public coffers last year, losses of up to 40,000 million euros, that is, more than 3.5% of the value of Spanish GDP .

Crimes against the Public Treasury, embezzlement and crimes against Social Security continue to account for just over 80% of the economic crimes that are dealt with daily in the courts, although in recent years there has been a rebound in other criminal types such as financial scams or money laundering, with a certain tendency towards digitization and the use of computer tools such as payment in cryptocurrencies, to carry out these cybercrimes.

“Despite what we might think, the increase in the procedures opened for economic crimes is good news. Administrations are doing their job and more and more cases are being investigated that were already happening, but that, given the resources, were impossible to trace, "explains Juan Gonzalo Ospina, a criminal lawyer who is an expert in economic crimes.

“The State begins to take measures against this threat related to the crime of white glove. The General Council of the Judiciary annually carries out specialization courses for lawyers in economic criminal matters; the Office of the Prosecutor has seen its investigative team reinforced with several Anti-Corruption units and, for its part, the Police and Civil Guard intensify the development and investment in specialized units such as the Central Operational Unit or the Economic and Fiscal Crime Unit, ”Ospina continues. .

The rise of these crimes has led to the specialization of small firms and law firms dedicated exclusively to criminal law or economic criminal law. Clients look for the best criminal lawyer or the best law firm to defend their proceedings and, for their part, the large firms hire profiles of experts in the matter, such as the incorporation of former prosecutors Eduardo Torres-Dulce and Helena Prieto González. , as partners of Garrigues, or Jesús Santos, at Baker & McKenzie.

However, among these giants, a new generation of criminal lawyers begins to emerge with different qualities demanded by clients: presence in the media, command of the law and jurisprudence and personalized treatment where each case is studied as unique.

For this reason, international directories of legal practice such as Chambers or Best Lawyers, begin to look at these young lawyers, rewarding the difficulty of the cases they carry behind them.

In the assumption of Juango Ospina, criminal lawyer, university professor and lecturer, “the key to success has always been in perseverance and work; in trying to go beyond the simple complaint, the judicial volumes or the police report; that is to say, to analyze rigorously and coldly why this has been reached, and to propose with much common sense the best line of defense ”

His sign, Ospina Lawyers, has positioned itself as one of the criminal law firms that has grown the most in recent years. They have just opened new offices in the central Salamanca neighborhood, in Madrid, where they will teach criminal practice courses in their newly opened continuous training classroom.

Juan Gonzalo Ospina with former Minister of Justice Rafael Catalá during the inauguration of the new offices of Ospina Abogados.
Juan Gonzalo Ospina with former Minister of Justice Rafael Catalá during the inauguration of the new offices of Ospina Abogados. - ABC

After obtaining in 2019 the acquittal of a client sentenced to 19 years in prison in the Supreme Court, Ospina has been the focus of attention in different media cases, from participating in the defense of several investigated in the 'Oikos Case', the international plot of football match fixing, up to the acquittal of its clients in numerous proceedings for millionaire scams, money laundering and other investigations related to the economic criminal law.

These success cases have allowed him to grapple with the approval of entities such as Forbes, who has valued him as “the young promise of criminal law”, in addition to recognitions for his office, obtaining in 2019 the Iberian Lawyer award for the best Economic Criminal Law Firm in Spain and Portugal in the category 'White Collar Crime ”. In 2020, the prestigious international directory of legal practice Best Lawyers, recognized Ospina and Ospina Abogados as one of the best lawyers and law firms specialized in Criminal Law in Spain.

"As criminal lawyers, from the respect of the law and the truth, we have the obligation to offer the best possible defense for our clients: defend their innocence by demonstrating that the facts on which the accusation is based did not occur, that they occurred, but not They were committed by the client, or in his case, that the facts denounced have no criminal relevance, ”says Ospina.


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