Mon. Dec 16th, 2019

Ecologists in Action asks the City Council to stop "distorting" Central Madrid

Ecologists in Action has celebrated the judicial order that maintains the fines in Central Madrid and has asked the City Council of the capital to "stop trying to undermine a measure that works," as it ensures that "it has achieved significant levels of pollution reduction " in the capital.

The Contentious-Administrative Court number 24 of Madrid has confirmed the suspension of the moratorium on fines in the low emission area after hearing the parties, on the understanding that "the existence of deficiencies in the system of fines must yield to the protection of the health and the environment. "

Recently, the City Council of Madrid presented its allegations to the suspension issued by this court after estimating a resource of Ecologists in Action.

The environmental organization considered that the suspension of fines was against the public health of citizens and that the City Council had to re-impose sanctions on unauthorized drivers who accessed the low emission area of ​​Central Madrid.

In a press release, Ecologists in Action has celebrated this car, "which maintains effective Central Madrid with all its sanctioning mechanisms despite intentions in the opposite direction of the municipal government."

"This is good news for the health of the millions of people who breathe in Madrid," he said.

The environmental organization has called on the City Council "to get to work really to achieve this goal and stop trying to distort a measure that works."

"This area of ​​low emissions has achieved significant levels of pollution reduction, however, are not sufficient to meet the legal limits throughout the city," he added.

In addition, he asked the Consistory to continue with the implementation of Plan A, "already approved and to be developed to a large extent", being in his opinion "the only plan with the potential to achieve this important goal of quality improvement of the air in Madrid ".

Central Madrid was the first of the 30 measures contained in Air Quality Plan A of the previous municipal government, which was decisive for the European Commission to decide in May 2018 not to submit to the Court of Justice of the EU the infringement procedure against Spain. he had opened the previous year for exceeding the pollution limits.

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