Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

Ecologists denounce the poor state of the rivers in twelve critical points

Groups of volunteers of the environmental organization WWF have protested today against the poor state of the Spanish rivers in twelve points that they consider "critical".

On this day of protest activists have recorded images with drones to try to demonstrate the poor state of the Jarama River, which carries pollution from Madrid to its mouth on the Tagus.

The volunteers of WWF have removed the waste and have denounced that the rivers have ceased to exist "as we knew them", because at present many of them are in a "terrible" state, this organization has informed in a press release.

"In Spain we do not have rivers, we have badurrios. With this term we seek to alert the public that rivers, as they have traditionally been known, are becoming a memory of the past, "said Rafael Seiz, WWF Spain Water Program specialist.

WWF calls 'badurrias' those rivers that carry less water and of lower quality, and also are not able to provide all the essential services provided by rivers that are in good condition, such as the natural purification of the waters or the recharge of the aquifers.

According to WWF, there is virtually no river left in Spain without a dam regulating its waters and, as a result, almost half of the channels in Spain have been transformed into "badurrios".

In Spain more than 1,200 large dams have been built, which places the country as the ninth in the world with the largest number of large dams, and there are currently several basins that have changed the natural functioning of river basins, WWF recalled.

With the action carried out today by the volunteers of WWF "we want to send a clear message to the administrations: our rivers are not simple pipes", said Seiz.

The environmental organization has asked the Hydrographic Confederations and the Water Authorities to put all the necessary measures to improve the state of the rivers in Spain, as required by the Water Framework Directive.

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