Ecologists denounce Shell for its responsibility in climate change

Ecologists denounce Shell for its responsibility in climate change

Six Dutch environmental organizations delivered a summons Friday to the multinational oil company Shell, based in the Netherlands, to call a trial for their alleged co-responsibility in the emission of greenhouse gases that cause climate change.

"Shell has the responsibility of not causing harm to society, but it is doing it by investing in products and energies that cause climate change," the director of the environmental organization Mileaudefensie, Donald Pols, told Efe.

In the Netherlands, citizens and businesses have a legal duty not to unnecessarily cause unnecessary harm if they can reasonably take preventative measures.

For environmentalists, Shell is one of the companies with greater responsibility in the emission of greenhouse gases, especially for its activities related to the extraction of oil and gas around the world.

"We are not asking for compensation for damages or money, but we look forward and ask that they change their policy so that they reduce their impact on climate change," Pols added.

The increase in the level of the oceans produced by global warming is a serious threat to the Netherlands, according to the demand, since part of its territory is below sea level and is not flooded thanks to the dyke sets and locks built in the country.

The complaint is supported by the signatures of 17,000 people and considers that the current policies of the multinational do not comply with the protocols of the Paris Agreement, which establish measures for the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases.

The oral phase of the trial will begin at the end of this year and part of the legal team of environmental groups is the same that won a judgment to the Dutch State for not reducing enough greenhouse gases.

In that sentence, which was appealed by the State and is in the Supreme Court, the judges decreed that the Government has the obligation to reduce the emissions of gases that cause the greenhouse effect, such as CO2, by at least 25% by 2020 in comparison with the 1990 records.

The environmental organizations hope, with the denunciation to Shell, to set a legal precedent that also affects private companies.


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