Ecological transition and digitization are the bets of Active Tourism

This was announced by the president of Activa Canarias, José Luis Echevarría, who reaffirmed in La Palma the sector's commitment to ecotourism

Saturday, July 30, 2022, 07:04

Between the months of March and July, the Active Tourism Business Association of the Canary Islands,
Activate Canary Islandshas developed the Reactivation Plan for the
Active Tourism in the Canary Islands together with Tourism of the Canary Islands. From this process, the president of the association,
Jose Luis Echevarria, underlines the sector's commitment to digitization. “We have launched the electronic marketing process that a sector of small businesses and freelancers demanded. Right now there are more than 40 stores created, making visible a wide range of Active Tourism experiences, and that has given small companies the possibility of reaching tourists without intermediaries », he pointed out.

He stated this at a press conference in the Plaza de Tajuya in the municipality of El Paso, in La Palma, which served as the closing of the Plan. "In the midst of a crisis like the one generated by the volcano, the municipality of El Paso has looked around the territory and has managed to develop a tourist attraction for the island," argued the president of the business organization. He refers to the opening of the trail that will serve to interpret the Tajogaite Volcano, whose volcanic eruption lasted between September and December of last year.

In said meeting, the Councilor for Tourism of El Paso,
Omar Hernandez, stated that “at Activa Canarias we have always found sincere collaboration and explicit support, which has served to advise us and show us support at all times. He also highlighted public-private collaboration as key to launching the Tajogaite Volcano interpretive trail.

For his part, the island councilor for Tourism and Sports,
Raul Camacho, valued that the island of La Palma is a preferential destination for the development of activities in nature, «from hiking that places us as one of the best territories in the world for its practice, to the commitment that the Island Council maintains to improve the facilities that allow the practice of paragliding”, configuring a network of take-off points throughout the insular geography.

The Reactivation Plan in data

Echevarría believes that “the Plan has been a concrete sample of the circular economy linked to tourism, in which experiences offered by certified companies run by local young people without intermediation are enjoyed, generating alliances and links with local restaurants, artisan sectors and the entire network around the spaces where the experiences take place.” He summarizes that the Plan has offered about 150 experiences, achieving almost 1,500 users who enjoyed the experiences offered. The inter-island tourist continues to predominate, although there is an increase in the national and international public.

At the advertising level, the Plan has obtained more than 50 million views and an equivalent advertising value that exceeds 600,000 euros with impacts in issuing countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, France or Italy.

Pact for a new tourism model

The president of the business association reported that the steps of the association respond to a specific strategy that is committed to the ecological transition and digitalization as pillars to replace the "obsolete tourism model that predators territory and embraces ecotourism as the real and profitable alternative" . In 2021, the activity was dedicated to active listening, with meetings to dialogue with the managing agents of the territory in the Canary Islands, establishing alliances with the biosphere reserves of the islands, meeting the management teams of the national parks and consolidating relationships with the different departments of the island councils. All this through
Cycle Active Tourism and Territory, a process that concluded in the VI Conference on Active Tourism in the Canary Islands. The first semester of this 2022, and in a different post-pandemic scenario, has developed the
Plan for the Reactivation of Active Tourism in the Canary Islandspromoting digitization and supporting companies that still did not have the possibility of facing the challenge on their own.

All in all, Activa Canarias closes the cycle by launching a participation process to forge the conclusions of these two years of work between the companies, the rest of the tourist agents, the citizenry and the public administration. The conclusions must specify what type of tourism the sector expects and desires for the Canary Islands, while defining the basis for its participation in the creation of this model. «The process starts with a robust work anchored in digitalization and the ecological transition. We want to leave the pandemic behind, better than how we arrived,” concluded Echevarría.

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