October 28, 2020

Ecological Calendar 2020, the most important environmental dates

Madrid, Jan. 17 (EFE); Various dates officially convened by the United Nations and other prominent entities make their way through the twelve months of this year 2020 to commemorate the care of the environment, attract attention to the problems that influence the environment and sensitize the world population .

World Snow Day, convened by the Spanish Winter Sports Federation (RFEDI), inaugurates the 2020 ecological calendar on January 19, an initiative that adds more ski resorts every year with the aim of promoting Snow sports

Also in January, the first celebrations of the year are World Environmental Education Day on Sunday 26, and for the reduction of CO2 emissions on Tuesday 28.

In February, the first day of the month honors the dogs of the Greyhound breed, with World Greyhound Day, an event that coincides with the end of the hunting period and aims to make visible the situation of dogs when they are not useful in this activity .

One of the highlights of February is World Wetlands Day, set on Sunday, day 2, and just one day later, on February 3, a date that has gained a lot of strength in recent years through the networks is commemorated social and internet: World Day without a straw, an initiative to raise awareness about the pollution caused by single-use plastic utensils.

March has five key dates, on Tuesday, day 3, World Wildlife Day is celebrated, or also called World Nature Day, on Thursday, 5 on energy efficiency, on Saturday, the 21st in the forest and on Sunday, the 22nd World Water Day and, like every year, ends with ‘Earth Hour’, convened by one of the world’s leading environmental organizations, WWF, this time on Saturday, March 28.

In April, Friday 17 is World Day of Peasant Struggle; Wednesday 22, the Earth and Saturday 25, the awareness of the problem of noise.

On May 10, World Migratory Bird Day is celebrated on Sunday 10; Sunday 17, the recycling; on Wednesday the 20th of the bees, on Friday the 22nd, that of the biodiversity and on Sunday the 24th, the European Day of the parks that commemorates the declaration of the first national parks in the Old Continent and, specifically, in Sweden, already more than a century

That same month of May is celebrated, on Thursday 21, a date especially dear in Spain: the European Day of the Natura 2000 Network, proclaimed by the EU thanks to a joint initiative of civil society through the SEO SEO / BirdLife and Efeverde, the environmental information platform of the Efe Agency, to pay tribute to the protected areas of the most important biodiversity conservation network in the world.

In June, Wednesday 3 is Bicycle Day and Friday 5 is World Environment Day, one of the most important of the environmental calendar, which was set at the end of 1972, although the first one was held in 1973.

Monday June 8 is the one of the oceans and Tuesday 16 the sea turtle – although World Turtle Day is celebrated curiously in May; Wednesday 17, is the Day against desertification and drought; on Sunday 21, that of the Sun – which conservation organizations take advantage of to defend renewable energies; on Wednesday 24, against electromagnetic pollution and on Sunday 28, that of the tree.

There is no holiday for the ecological holidays and, thus, Friday, July 3 is the International Day free of plastic bags; on Tuesday 7, the one of the conservation of the ground and on Sunday 26, the one of the defense of the mangrove ecosystem, whereas in August Sunday 9 is the one of the indigenous peoples and on Saturday 29 is the international date against the nuclear tests.

In September, Wednesday 16 is the International Day for the protection of the ozone layer; Tuesday 22, the European day without cars and Thursday 24, the sea.

In October, World Bird Day is celebrated on the first weekend and World Habitat Day is commemorated on the first Monday of October, which coincides with Day 5 this year.

Environmental disasters also have their place in the annual ecological calendar with the Natural Disaster Reduction Day, which is commemorated in this 2020 on Tuesday the 13th, as well as the World Day of the cities celebrated on Saturday 31.

In addition, this month includes another striking date: Sunday 4 is the Day of the animals, declared in 1929 in Vienna and very supported by the Catholic Church since in 1980 Pope John Paul II declared Saint Francis of Assisi patron of animals and Ecologists

In November, Friday 6 is the International Day for the prevention of the exploitation of the environment in war and armed conflicts, and Saturday 21 is that of fishing.

The last Friday of the month – this year, the 27th – is the International Day against consumerism or ‘Green Friday’, as opposed to ‘Black Friday’ promoted by the US industry and commerce, which in recent years has also been installed in Spain.

Finally, on December, Saturday 5 is World Volunteer Day and the day of the soil and on Friday 11, that of the mountains.

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