Echenique says Podemos will explore "all avenues" to investigate the finances of King Juan Carlos

"We are not going to let anything distract us, which is to end the epidemic. We are dedicating all our efforts to that task," Echenique said in an interview on RNE, collected by Europa Press, in which she said that the latest news on the Royal House they are "very serious".

"It is not about republicans or monarchists. When there are such serious suspicions of corrupt activities, the erosion of institutions and democracy is very serious and objective," he explained.

Thus, the parliamentary spokesman has indicated that when the coronavirus crisis is overcome, United Podemos will explore "all ways" to "get to the bottom of the matter."

In addition, it has affirmed that King Felipe VI "knew the screen societies" of the king emeritus. "I knew him, according to the statement, a year ago. And last year there were two (general) electoral appointments. Maybe the citizens needed this information and not have had to wait a year," he criticized, and later stressed that The purple training efforts are now in the fight against the pandemic. "When it happens we will use all the mechanisms to get to the bottom of this matter," he insisted.

The finances of King Juan Carlos have been under suspicion for years, although in recent weeks the information published in the Spanish, Swiss and British press about the investigations that continue on the alleged collection of illegal commissions ended up causing the Royal House to react this Sunday announcing that Felipe VI renounces the inheritance that he could receive from his father and suspending his annual allowance.


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