Ecclestone: "It is suddenly fashionable to talk about diversity" - La Provincia

The exmandatario of the Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone has regretted that it is "fashionable to talk about diversity" and has charged against protests against the racism that are being lived all over the world, "organized by quasi-Marxists who want to end the police."

"Ron Dennis He didn't get in Lewis's way as a kid, he looked after him. Willy T -Ribbs- was the first black man to drive a Formula 1 car, for me, in the 1970s. When I lost my driving license, I had a black conductor, not because it was black, but because I didn't care if it was black or white. Now suddenly it is fashionable to talk about diversity, "she said in an interview with the 'Daily Mail'.

With this, the former British leader responds to the criticism of the pilot Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), who was "sad and disappointed" by the words "ignorant and uneducated" Ecclestone himself declared a few days ago. In an interview with CNN, the 89-year-old man assured that many times "blacks are more racist than whites"

"It is not my fault that I am white or that I am a little shorter than the average man. They called me a 'dwarf' at school, and I realized that I had to do something about it. Blacks must take care of themselves"Ecclestone said now." And then there are the people who go to these protests, organized by quasi-Marxists who want to end the police, which would be a disaster for the country. If you asked most of them exactly why they were protesting, they probably wouldn't know, "he continued.

In addition, he discussed his experience with people of color during his years of work. "Over the years, I have met many white people that I did not like, but never a black person that I did not like. I've been mugged a couple of times, once by three blacks. I ended up in the hospital, but even after that I was never against anyone who was black. I don't think of Lewis as black, it's just Lewis to me"he indicated.

"If a black or white person is turned down for a job, they should ask themselves why; was it because of their skin color or because they weren't up to the job? That's what I meant," he added.

By last, Ecclestone was not concerned that access to the Grand Prix could be barred for his statements. "Forbid me from going to the races? I would not advise them to do that. They may want to try it out in Russia," he said, referring to his close friendship with the president. Vladimir Putin, which he repeatedly called "the best world leader".


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