July 24, 2021

Ebay accuses Amazon of trying to steal sellers

Ebay accuses Amazon of trying to steal sellers



E-commerce company Ebay has accused Amazon on Wednesday of try to steal sellers, after which they will take the "appropriate steps" to protect themselves, as indicated by the firm.

Specifically, Ebay has ensured that its rival had launched an international and coordinated plan to try to take the biggest sellers to its platform.

"We have discovered a problematic and illegal practice on the part of Amazon by which it asked the sellers of eBay to move to the platform of Amazon", the company of commerce between individuals has highlighted in a statement. «We have asked Amazon to stop these practices and we will take the appropriate steps, if necessary, to protect Ebay, "he added.

The investigation began 10 days ago, when Ebay was contacted by a vendor who had received a message from an Amazon employee to try to convince him to migrate from the platform.

A source close to the company has assured the newspaper 'The Wall Street Journal' that to date have discovered about 50 employees of Amazon that They have sent more than 1,000 messages to different Ebay sellers.

For its part, the company founded by Jeff Bezos has assured that it has launched an investigation in relation to the allegations of Ebay, so it has not confirmed or denied the alleged attempt to attract sellers.


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