Easyview Channels Down Again - TV Not Working

If you use Easyview to watch UK TV channels online, you may have found an annoying message preventing you from watching your favourite UK channels online. Don't worry there are alternatives!

Easyview is a free website that allows you to watch UK TV online. However, they have been down for the last 10 days with the following message on all channels "Sorry, we're down for maintenance. We`ll be back shortly".  Shortly is normally a couple of hours, so 10 days seems to be a serious problem with their service. Will it come back? Who knows!

Easyview is a free site, however, it is loaded with popups and testing it out, we found unwanted downloads and malware on our test device. It is best to actually not worry about their downtime and move on to something much better! With services like these, you get what you pay for. It is good that someone gave away this service for free, however, it looks like the end for Easyview.

The free TV services are prone to stealing streams from other providers and when that provider sees hundreds of connections from the same server IP, that server becomes blocked. So it may be that Easyview have been stealing streams from other services and most probably have ran out of services they can steal from.

Easyview Alternatives

Don't worry though, there are plenty of alternatives out there, you just have to Google "British TV Channels" or "UK VPN". We did a test with another paid service that offers a free 24 hour trial and it was simply faultless. If you are fed up of waiting for Easyview, our recommended alternative is https://my.britishtvchannels.com. It takes less than 2 minutes to signup and has over 100 live channels. Register and use code 24hrtrial when checking out on the 24 hour plan to get it free. The prices afterwards are really good too and it works from anywhere in the world!

Another alternative, which is our second choice, is running your system through a UK VPN. That way you can ublock services such as BBC iPlayer and other on demand services. The only problem with this is a good VPN costs a little more than our first choice alternative and can take a bit of knowledge to set up.

So if you are missing UK TV from abroad, give our suggestions a try! We hope this has given you some good news today!