Earth Hour celebrates 10 years in Chile and calls for a sustainable life

Earth Hour, the global blackout to vindicate the fight against climate change, meets this Saturday 10 years in Chile with a call to the public to replicate this action for the rest of the year and to change the lifestyle towards more sustainable habits.

"Turn off the lights every day of the year, transform your building into sustainable, change the bulbs (light bulbs), get off the car and get on a bike, change your lifestyle because the planet needs it," he said in an interview with the local radio Rock & Pop Ricardo Bosshard, director in Chile of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), convenor organization of Earth Hour.

Earth Hour invites to turn off lights and non-essential electronic devices for one hour as a sign of concern about climate change.

The initiative was born in 2007 in Sydney (Australia) where it is estimated that more than two million people participated who collaborated with their blackout at an energy saving of between 2 and 10 percent, an action that became the seed of a movement that has been established worldwide.

In Chile, the first edition took place in 2009 and will be repeated this Saturday between 20.30 and 21.30 local time, with the participation of all citizens who want to join and the blackout in emblematic buildings such as La Moneda (seat of the Government), the headquarters of the Congress (located in the city of Valparaíso), the Stock Exchange building, or the Gran Torre Santiago skyscraper.

The Ministries of Energy and Environment of Chile have made a call in social networks encouraging the population to turn off their lights and disconnect the electrical connection during Earth Hour for a more sustainable world.

In addition, in various parts of the country musical events will be held, with games and workshops to help raise awareness among citizens, companies and governments to make daily commitments to the environment, incorporating more efficient and responsible practices in the use of energy and natural resources.

In each event the well-known image of the "60+" will be repeated, which represents the sixty minutes that Earth Hour lasts and the + sign symbolizes all the actions that can be done beyond that time throughout the year.


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