April 19, 2021

E-mail, a success story – La Provincia

Nowadaysmore than 2,630 million daily emails are sent and received-According to Statista-, one in five people has a Gmail email account, the most popular service, and people stay in constant communication thanks to instant messaging applications.

October 9 is celebrated onWorld Mail Day, so the technological consultant Entelgy has prepared a review of the history of the digital version of the postal mail, from its beginnings in the seventies to the present.

1971It is the year that the first appearance of the email takes place, with the sending of the first 'email'. He was the American engineerRoy Tomlinson who, unknowingly, invented one of the most popular forms of communication today.

Tomlinson was entrusted with the task of modifying an operating system used by the military to send communications in order to make it available to the rest. But he not only got his homework but alsoinvented a new symbol, the arroba (@), whose use is maintained today.

Already in 1988the professionalization of email with Microsoft arises, which published the first 'software' for commercial email called Microsoft Mail. This was a world revolution, that same year getting half a million accounts created worldwide. Eleven years later, in 1999 the number of users with email amounted to 40 million.

This causeda cultural change that made communication become totally instantaneousthrough a computer and, later, with the arrival of the 'smartphones', also from a mobile phone.

As the internet grew, the email became more popular among users.Hotmail was born in 1996and in just three months it had more than 100,000 new users, the following year its creators sold it to Microsoft, which managed to position itself as the most popular provider.

On April 1, 2004 Google presented its email service,Gmail. Since 2012 Gmail is the most used email service in the world, and in 2018 it exceeded 1,500 users worldwide, representing one in five people in the world population.

The evolution of email ha derivative in instant messagingthanks to IRC (Internet Relay Chat) technology, a real-time communication protocol born in 1988. However, it was not until 1999 when the program with which these systems would reach popularization was born:MSN Messengerfrom Microsoft.

With 330 million users per month at its time of greatest extension,MSN Messenger was losing popularity with the arrival of 'smartphones' and disappeared in 2012, when other applications likeWhatsAppThey became popular. This service, born in 2009 and acquired byFacebook, currently has more than 1,500 million users.

At the corporate level, collaborative tools that go beyond messaging have also had a great impact. This is the case of Slack, an application that offers chat rooms organized by themes, as well as private groups and direct messages.

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