E-cigarette and vape shops will be gone in five years

E-cigarette and vape stores' days are numbered. Also that they offer us to try a new brand or give us 'merchandising' when entering the tobacconist. The Council of Ministers has approved this Tuesday the preliminary draft of the Tobacco Market Law that, among other measures, will progressively equate the control regime for the manufacture, distribution and retail trade of electronic cigarettes and novel tobacco devices – such as vapers – that of conventional tobacco. “Thus, its exclusive sale in tobacconists will be regulated within a period of five years, through the network of tobacco outlets and state stamps,” reports the Ministry of Finance in the reference of the Council of Ministers.

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The objective is to improve the control of these products, "subjecting their advertising and promotional activities to review and avoiding sale to minors and on the Internet." In addition, the norm pretends that tobacconists are "neutral" spaces, that is, that nobody encourages us to consume or buy one or another brand inside.

The law thus seeks to improve "the control of promotional and advertising activities." The idea is that "the retail network does not directly or indirectly favor the consumption of some brands, products or manufacturers over others."

Machines in bars and gas stations

The supervision will also extend to all industrial and commercial activities of tobacco products and related products, including the first transformation of raw tobacco, the sale of machinery for the manufacture of tobacco products, manufacturing activities and wholesale trade, and even the manufacture and sale of vending machines, common in bars and gas stations.

The regime of infractions and sanctions will also be updated to penalize and discourage those behaviors of the operators in the sector that comply with the law and, in compliance with the regulations of the European Union, the Commissioner for the Tobacco Market will be designated as the surveillance authority. which will be provided with the necessary powers and competences to control the adequacy of the products to the regulations, and exchange information with the European Commission and other surveillance authorities to improve supervision at European level.

To curb tobacco smuggling, duties of diligence will be incorporated for operators, who must ensure that the commercial and industrial activities they carry out are carried out with other legal operators and for lawful purposes.

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