Dylan, the daughter who accused Allen of abuse, makes her debut in the novel

Madrid, Jun 15 (EFE) .- Dylan Farrow, activist for the rights of victims of sexual assault, makes his debut in the novel with "Silencio", a fantasy literature story in which he reflects on issues such as censorship or empowerment feminine.

Published in Spanish by Planeta, the novel by Dylan Farrow, the adopted daughter of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, whom he accused of sexual abuse in 1992, tells "the initiatory journey of a young woman in a world where words are magic and truth, a dangerous weapon, "the editorial said in a statement.

"Silence", with which Farrow opens the series "Hush", explores the idea of ​​how language and propaganda influence young people and how they must find and raise their voice.

Dylan Farrow worked at CNN as a production assistant and later in graphic design, after which he decided to dedicate himself to writing full time.


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