Duque says that tourism is "the new oil" of Colombia

Duque says that tourism is "the new oil" of Colombia

The president of Colombia, Ivan Duque, said today that tourism "is the new oil" of the country because it is a generator of employment, investment and opportunities provided that it is done with sustainability and with respect for the environment.

"Tourism is Colombia's new oil, not because it does not speak badly about traditional oil, but it is the new oil because it is a generator of employment, investment and opportunities," Duque said in Uribia, part of the Caribbean department of La Guajira, in the extreme north of the country.

Upon his arrival at the department, one of the poorest in Colombia and where he made one of his workshops "Building country" with which Duque travels the regions, he was received by members of the Wayú community whom he greets in his language, the Wayuunaiki .

As a welcome, the natives sang the anthem of Colombia in Wayuunaiki and they imposed on Duque a karatsu, a traditional adornment similar to a tiara, a baton and necklace.

After the reception, Duque explained that he inaugurated next to the Vice Minister of Tourism, Juan Pablo Franky, a hotel in the region "that will attract many jobs."

In total, 40% of jobs will benefit the Wayú community, something the governor was particularly pleased with.

In this sense, Duque stressed that La Guajira "is going to become the new pole of tourism development in Colombia."

However, he warned that tourism must be sustainable with the environment, "protecting the ancestral heritage and connecting this (ancestral) culture with tourism."

Hand in hand with this pole of development, Duque trusted that La Guajira will go into a future that leaves behind "moments that have left sadness".

Therefore, he stressed the need for nutrition programs, food and protection of children "are a reality every day."

In La Guajira, several minors have died in recent years as a result of severe malnutrition.


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