Duque says that the law of universities will include an external control body

The Minister of Science and Universities, Pedro Duque, has assured today that the new law of universities will include a control body, "at least partially external", that detects irregularities.

During his speech at the Forum Europe, Duke responded well to being asked if the future law will have mechanisms to avoid cases such as the masters of Cristina Cifuentes, Carmen Montón or Pablo Casado, taught by the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid.

Duque has considered "unfair" the treatment given to the university system as a result of these cases, "because most of the system does not work like this", and has appealed to society and the media to "be more specific when they report a specific case ".

In his opinion, "once past the peak of information", which has already remitted, the university will maintain its prestige.

The minister has considered that the reform of the university model should influence in a greater participation of the social fabric, in the definition of "what universities should do and by which way we should go".

In this sense, has assessed the possibility as already occurs in other European countries are taken into account to professional associations to match professional profiles to new degrees.

In the field of responsibility of the university, which has autonomy, the minister has assured that some kind of mechanism will be introduced by which society can influence the functioning in a positive way.

This is part of the negotiation to achieve maximum consensus, said Duque, who has apologized for not being able to be more specific about it.


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