July 7, 2020

Duque says that confinement in Colombia until there is a vaccine is not a viable option

Colombian President Iván Duque said this Sunday that keeping the population locked up until a vaccine against COVID-19 is achieved is not a “viable option”, so he asked citizens to learn how to live with the coronavirus.

“We must understand that it is not a viable option for the sustainability of our societies to simply say: we are going to lock ourselves in until a vaccine appears; we have to learn to live with this virus and we have to beat it,” said the head of state in his program. “Prevention and Action” newspaper.

Duque’s statement comes after the mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, recommended to him again to impose a strict quarantine throughout the country due to the accelerated growth of the coronavirus, which so far leaves 91,769 infected and 3,016 dead.

Duque assured that in Colombia in the face of the pandemic “we cannot fall into the defeatism of saying that somewhere we have not been judicious enough, and then the only alternative has to be to shut ourselves up; no. We, as a society, have to demonstrate that it is our discipline, our civic culture that takes us forward “.


Colombia has been in mandatory quarantine since March 25, but the numerous authorized exceptions to the rule in order to revive the economy make daily activities almost normal.

The Colombian president stressed that no one is to blame for the spread of the pandemic and urged mayors and governors to work together to overcome the obstacles.

“This is not about looking for culprits. Citizens are not guilty of a pandemic, governments are not guilty of the pandemic. Neither the national government, nor the governments, nor the mayors. We are all facing it. And our responsibility is to act as a team. And that’s why we are all there to support each other, “he added.

The president stressed that the pandemic can be faced if people comply with physical distancing, the use of face masks and hand washing.


In the same program, the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz, responded to criticism from the Mayor of Bogotá, who constantly demands that the national government deliver respirators to provide new intensive care units (ICU), and said that the capital also has to invest in those teams.

According to Ruiz, the Mayor of Bogotá, “like other cities in the country, must also make a very important effort of its own to acquire these equipment (respirators).”

The minister explained that, for example, the department of Valle del Cauca acquired 300 respirators, that of Cundinamarca bought 152, Antioquia obtained 130; Córdoba another 107; and Bogotá, 73.

Mayor López acknowledged yesterday that the Government delivered 130 respirators promised for this month to Bogotá on June 20, but warned that they have been insufficient due to the speed of infections and patients requiring these devices.


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