Duque presents a plan for the entire La Guajira region to have water by 2024

Duque presents a plan for the entire La Guajira region to have water by 2024

The president of Colombia, Iván Duque, presented today a project so that the entire Caribbean department of La Guajira has water supply in the year 2024 and whose budget will exceed 400,000 million pesos (about 129.2 million dollars).

"We are going to invest in this project, which is called 'Blue Guajira', more than 400,000 million pesos in these interventions (…) and something supremely important is to begin by recognizing that there are indicators that can not continue and motivated us to intervene, "said Duque in the municipality of Uribia that is part of that department.

La Guajira is a department located in the extreme north of the country, a good part of whose territory is covered by a desert that extends to the neighboring Zulia state of Venezuela.

In the region, there is a deficiency in the water supply that has caused serious problems among the inhabitants, as Duque recalled, "in rural areas of the department of La Guajira, access to water is around 4% far below of the country level ".

Therefore, he explained that with this project the water supply coverage will reach 86% by 2022 and 100% by 2024.

Duque said that international banks and cooperation agencies will collaborate in the financing of the plan, while the government will work to "align the responsibilities of the State."

At the head of the execution of "Guajira Azul" is the Minister of Housing, City and Territory, Jonathan Malagón, born in Riohacha, capital of La Guajira, who commented that the project is "one of the great dreams" of his life.

"There is not a single municipality in the department of La Guajira that is outside with these 128 interventions (included in the project) to take La Guajira to have the water indicators among the five best (departments) in all of Colombia," said Malagón .

In this regard, he said that in order to carry out the project, a great political will was needed, such as the one that President Duque has shown.

He also affirmed that it will be necessary to "work with the communities" and to have a local workforce.

On the other hand, Malagón explained that it is necessary to have "a permanent process of accountability", so he will go "every two months" to the communities to "give an account of how the projects are going".

Finally, he stressed that it will be necessary the assistance of national government, territorial entities, private sector and international cooperation "to take forward" the project.


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