Fri. Feb 21st, 2020

Duke's disapproval reaches 69%, the highest of a president in 14 years

The disapproval of the president of Colombia, Iván Duque, reached 69% after one year and three months of taking office, the highest percentage recorded in the last 14 years, a period in which five leaders have ruled, according to a survey released this Friday.

The firm Invamer explained that Duke's disapproval is the highest since the Administration of Ernesto Samper (1994-1998), who in 1995 had an unfavorable image of 42%, while Andrés Pastrana (1998-2002) is the one who is most about 67%.

Unlike the current head of state, Álvaro Uribe, Duque's political mentor, he achieved a poor unfavorable image of 19% after 450 days (2002-2006), which dropped to 17% for his 2006-2010 period .

Juan Manuel Santos maintained the line of an unfavorable low image in his first term (2010-2014) with 25%, but did not achieve a similar record at the beginning of his second period (2014-2018), as this rose to 56%.

The survey was concluded days before a controversy broke out in the country over the death of eight minors in a military bombing of FARC dissidents in the department of Caquetá (south) and resulted in the resignation of the Minister of Defense, Guillermo Botero.

The disapproval of Duque's management, who took office on August 7 of last year, is mainly due to the handling he has given to issues such as corruption, the environment, the cost of living and insecurity.

Colombians believe that all these areas have "worsened" during the Duke Administration and highlight the lack of unemployment management, since only 6% believe that they are improving in that area, while 88% think otherwise.

According to the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE), in the first nine months of this year the unemployment rate was double-digit, with the exception of June, when it was 9.4%.

The survey also indicates that corruption is the country's main problem in the opinion of respondents with 21%, followed by the economy (19%) and security (18%).

The survey was conducted on more than 11 million people in the cities of Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Barranquilla and Bucaramanga between last October 25 and November 4.

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