July 29, 2021

Duke will meet with Guterres at the UN and will make an official visit to Mexico

The Colombian president, Iván Duque, will meet on Monday in New York with the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, and on Tuesday he will make an official visit to Mexico, where he will meet with his counterpart Andrés Manuel López Obrador, he said Sunday his office.

Duque and Guterres will make a general review of the main issues of the joint agenda, with the aim of “advancing and working hand in hand in the consolidation of the process of reinstatement of ex-combatants, the integral implementation of the ‘Peace with Legality’ policy and the protection of human rights, “explained the Presidency.

They will also address violence prevention, sustainable development and efforts to address migration challenges, among others.

“Colombia is a country that believes in multilateralism and international institutions and standards,” said Duque, quoted in a statement, about the meeting he will have with Guterres.

This meeting will take place in times of tension due to discrepancies between the Colombian Government and the UN regarding the vision of the armed conflict and the defense of human rights that resulted in criticism of the Executive, who accused the international body of “interference in sovereignty. ” from the country.

The rifirrafe between Colombia and the United Nations began several weeks ago but the discussion broke out ten days ago when the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) presented its annual report in which it suggested that the Colombian Police should depend of the Ministry of Interior and not of the Ministry of Defense, as it has always been.

Given the situation, Duque considered “an interference in the sovereignty of a country when it is said that the Police must go to the Ministry of Interior.”

In any case, one of the objectives of Duque’s visit to the UN is to strengthen the main axes of this organism’s work in the country and strengthen cooperation with its agencies.


After the meeting with Guterres, President Duque will travel to Mexico on Monday and will make an official visit to that country on Tuesday.

The agenda will begin with a working meeting with Mexican investors and entrepreneurs, to whom they will present the advantages and legal certainty that Colombia offers.

Later Duque will meet with López Obrador in the National Palace, where they will hold a private meeting to discuss issues related to the Pacific Alliance, the Caribbean Community (Caricom), migration and security.

Then an extended session will be held with the delegations, in which commercial, security, migration and cooperation issues will be discussed.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the two countries will sign a tourism memorandum.

Duque will close the day at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, where he will give a lecture on “Orange Economy: the commitment to a future with talent and culture”.

Also part of the Colombian delegation are the foreign ministers, Claudia Blum; of Defense, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, and of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, José Manuel Restrepo.

He will also be accompanied by the presidents of Procolombia, Flavia Santoro; from the National Tourism Fund (Fontur), Raquel Garavito; the director Migration Colombia, Juan Francisco Espinosa, and the chief of staff, María Paula Correa.


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