Duke will attend the investiture of Lacalle Pou and meet with Felipe VI

The Colombian president, Iván Duque, will travel to Montevideo on Sunday to attend the inauguration of Luis Lacalle Pou as the new president of Uruguay and meet with the king of Spain, Felipe VI, and with his Chilean counterpart, Sebastián Piñera.

This was reported on Saturday by the Colombian Presidency, which detailed in a statement the Duque's agenda will begin with the meetings with Felipe VI and Piñera, with whom "he will address different issues of the bilateral agendas."

Then he will meet with Uruguayan businessmen at the Raddison Montevideo hotel, where he will present the business and investment opportunities of his country, after which he will go to the Legislative Palace to attend the investiture of Lacalle Pou.

"After the inauguration ceremony of the new Head of State of Uruguay, President Duque will move to the José Artigas building, also called Palacio Estévez, to attend an artistic show prepared by the Uruguayan government," the information added.

He will finally meet with Lacalle Pou and return to Bogotá at night.

The Independence Square of the Uruguayan capital will be the stage in which Lacalle Pou will receive the presidential band of his predecessor, Tabaré Vázquez, where five years ago José Mujica (2010-2015) transferred the command to the current president.

Lacalle Pou will preside over Uruguay for the next five years thanks to the support of a "multicolored" coalition, as he likes to call, composed of the PN, the Colorado Party (PC, center right), Cabildo Open (CA, right), the Independent Party (PI, center-left) and the People's Party (PG, right), although the latter force will not have any ministry.

On March 1, a new political cycle will begin in the South American country after fifteen years of Government of the Frente Amplio (FA, left), with the two mandates of Vázquez (2005-2010 and 2015-2020) and that of Mujica.


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