July 9, 2020

Duke believes that science will show the way out of climate crisis

The Minister of Science, Innovation and Universities in operation, Pedro Duque, has been convinced today that science will show in the coming years the way to overcome the climate crisis.

"With new technologies we will be able to solve the problem," Pedro Duque told the media after touring, together with his Chilean counterpart, Andrés Couve, the "Innovation and Science" space that the Spanish Ministry has organized at the summit of the climate of Madrid.

The two ministers have checked some of the most innovative research projects to combat climate change and have "drawn", with an installation of virtual artistic reality, how the sustainable cities of the future could be.

The "Innovation and Science" space of the Spanish Ministry aims to value the importance of science as a basis for knowledge of climate change and its impacts, as well as the main role that innovation should have in finding solutions to the crisis Climate

The Spanish and Chilean ministers have known in this pavilion prototypes and developments such as microalgae to produce fertilizers and feed, models of a solar building or new technologies capable of storing renewable energy production.

After touring the facilities of this space, Pedro Duque has stressed, in statements to the media, the importance of scientific knowledge, and within this space exploration, to unravel many of the keys to the evolution of the Earth and Your current problems.

"There is no planet b," recalled Pedro Duque, adding to one of the most repeated slogans at this summit, and stressed that science has contributed much knowledge in recent years to conclude in a decisive way that the emission of gases Greenhouse are responsible for global warming.

The acting Minister of Science has insisted on the need to continue investigating and stressed in that regard that the European Union (EU) has the satellite system to make global measurements "most important in the world".

In his opinion, science is going to be the one that achieves the innovation necessary to overcome the climate crisis and the one that will lay the foundations "to generate energy in another way, live in another way or transport energy in another way".

The Spanish minister and his Chilean counterpart have debated, Duque has informed, about new forms of cooperation for the creation of new scientific infrastructures and about some of the changes promoted by the Government of Chile to enhance research and technology in this country.

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