Duffy details the kidnapping and rape he suffered after succeeding in music

Duffy, the British singer who triumphed in 2008 with “Mercy”, published an extensive letter narrating how she was “raped, kidnapped and drugged” for four weeks, something she first spoke about in February after spending a decade in anonymity.

In an extensive 3,600-word missive published on her website, the artist reveals that after the fateful episode she considered taking up “human rights laws to change her name in public records”, “disappear in another country” and “leave behind the past with a new life. “

“If you are reading this, I must warn that it contains information that some may find disturbing,” Duffy warns at the beginning. “If you cannot assume the suffering of another person … I recommend that you do not continue reading.”

Although she mentions that, despite “fearing for her own life”, she was finally able to report the facts to the police, the singer has not published the identity of the culprit or given any clues about its origin.

“The rapist’s identity should only be handled by the police, and that’s between them and me,” he explains.

According to the text, Duffy was drugged on his birthday, at which point he began a four-week ordeal.

“It was my birthday, they drugged me in a restaurant and for four weeks. They took me to a foreign country. I don’t remember getting on the plane but suddenly I was in the back of a vehicle,” he says.

Next, the woman describes that a man raped her in a hotel, who later took her to her own home and spent four weeks with her.

“I knew my life was in immediate danger, he confessed that he wanted to kill me. With what little strength he had, my instinct was to run, run and find a place to live that he couldn’t find,” recalls Duffy, who finally managed to flee.

The threats and fear of possible media exposure caused her, as the victim details, not to dare to report the case, until she brought it to the attention of “two police women” after being intimidated again.

“I wasn’t the same person for a long time. Rape is like a living murder, you’re alive, but dead,” says Duffy.

Also, the singer explains the reasons why she has decided to publish this terrible experience now.

“I thought that public disclosure of my story would completely destroy my life, emotionally, while hiding my story was destroying my life much more,” he argues.

“The rape robbed me of my human rights,” he denounces. “(…) He has already stolen a third of my life.”

And although she recognizes that “being without singing is destroying her”, she does not advance any step in her artistic career.

“When I sing I feel like a bird, but it’s not about this. (…) What arrives remains to be seen”, he promises.

Duffy swept the music world when in 2008 she released her first album “Rockferry”, which contained the hit “Mercy” and received critical acclaim, linking her to contemporary icons like Adele and Amy Winehouse.

After a second album released in 2010, “Endlessly”, which did not reap the expected success, the artist withdrew from public life throughout the decade and only appeared as a supporting actress in a 2015 film.

“Now I can leave this decade behind. The past belongs.”


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