June 13, 2021

Dudamel aspires to “multiply the dreams” of young people in Los Angeles

Los Angeles (USA), May 22 (EFE) .- The musical and artistic director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic (LA Phil), Gustavo Dudamel, assured this Saturday that he would motivate young people and help them “multiply their dreams “is one of his most important goals in the Californian city.

Dudamel participated in a meeting with a small group of media, which Efe attended, to reveal some details of the new headquarters of the Los Angeles Youth Orchestra (YOLA), an initiative inspired by the educational program of Venezuela “El Sistema” that It has led hundreds of students from underprivileged Los Angeles neighborhoods, many of them Hispanic, to get closer to music.

“I think that in spaces like this you can multiply dreams and you can really think that anything is possible,” argued the Venezuelan teacher.

Located in Inglewood, a town in the greater Los Angeles area with a significant Latino and African-American population, the Judith and Thomas L. Beckmen YOLA Center will mark a new milestone in the social work of this orchestra and will open on August 15.

In this sense, Dudamel gave this Saturday some touches of this new center for music in the Californian city and shared the limelight in this informal event together with the architect Frank Gehry, who was in charge of designing this building.

Dudamel stated that the goal of the new YOLA headquarters was for young people to feel respected and validated and for music to connect with their neighborhoods.

“Imagine this. You are a young musician who is starting out in a community that is not the cultural center of Los Angeles. And in that community you have a building designed by Frank Gehry and adopted by LA Phil. One of the best orchestras, an architect. ‘ top ‘… Imagine how dignified that young man feels, “he argued.

He also had words of appreciation for the twenty young YOLA members who performed a fragment of the Brandenburg Concertos by Johann Sebastian Bach.

“This is your home. This is the space where you can dream, talk, exchange ideas and transform the world,” he explained.


Dudamel, who has been running the LA Phil since 2009, was very affectionate towards Gehry, whom he affectionately refers to as Pancho.

In addition, the Venezuelan praised Gehry’s commitment to the new generations.

For his part, the famous architect said that he went to Venezuela to see “El Sistema” and pointed out that one of his objectives in Inglewood was to transfer “the power” of that program to a very different environment such as California.

“The most important thing is to reach these communities,” he said.

With a 14.5 million dollar budget, Gehry took advantage of an old bank branch to build a very bright and adaptable center.

With an area of ​​2,320 square meters, this center will have two basic configurations: for concerts, through a large hall with capacity for 260 spectators; and in rehearsal format, with small and movable spaces.

This is not the first collaboration between LA Phil and Gehry since the architect created the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the impressive auditorium and home of the orchestra that has become a major tourist attraction in Los Angeles.

Today’s event was also attended by the Spanish actress María Valverde, Dudamel’s wife, who was seen talking to Gehry in the prelude to the event.


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