Dubai focuses on increasing its investments in A.Latina with tourism and agribusiness

Dubai focuses on increasing its investments in A.Latina with tourism and agribusiness

Tourism, agro-industry and logistics are the sectors that Dubai sees to increase its investments with Latin America, a region that is just beginning a political and commercial approach, the head of the Panama office of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce told EFE on Tuesday. , Saad Ishtiaq.

The opportunities to be a strategic partner of this City-State, located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), one of the richest countries of the Persian Gulf, are palpable for Latin Americans, for the creation of alliances in recent years.

Argentina, Brazil, Panama and soon Mexico have played an important role in business with Dubai, which looks to have an investment presence with Costa Rica and Colombia, said Ishtiaq, who participates in the Global Business Forum (GBF). in English) Latin America, which takes place in the city of Panama.

"This forum has served as a platform for commercial exchange between two regions that have not had a relationship, but have a potential to deepen," said the Emirati representative.

In the third edition of GBS, which is held for the first time in a Latin American nation, the manager of the Chamber mentioned that what they intend is to bring closer the relations that may arise between the delegates of both regions, of which 70 comes from the Arab Emirates United and 550 of Latin America.

"Panama and Dubai are like two regional borders, the geographical location, the economy and the population is very similar for both, especially in the commercial, logistical and financial sector, which are key for both," he said.

And that you are similarities that the Central American country has with the Arab State make it the entrance to do business with the rest of the region. That is why Ishtiaq clarified that Dubai is interested in exploiting the areas of agribusiness, tourism, logistics and financial services with the American region.

"Arabs are interested in exporting food to Latin America and vice versa, and also tourism, where today it is one of the most visited destinations," he said.

He specified that the office they have in Panama has worked to facilitate education on investment opportunities with the Arab nation, and confirms that this year they will open projects and businesses with the two regions.

"With the offices at the regional level we want to have a long-term relationship, that we can be strategic partners to share the experience that Dubai has, and at the same time promote economic welfare in general," said Ishtiaq.

So far the Dubai Chamber of Commerce intends to invest some 27 million dollars over the next 10 years in international offices to expand activities between the Emirates and America.

The president of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela, participated in the inauguration of the international meeting; the president of the Council, Chamber of Commerce and Investment of Dubai, Majid Saif Al Ghurair and the president of the IDB, the Colombian Luis Alberto Moreno, ministers and delegates from both regions.


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