June 15, 2021

Dua Lipa, the new queen of pop, stars in The 40 Music Awards | Culture

Dua Lipa, the new queen of pop, stars in The 40 Music Awards | Culture

In Albanian dua means "love", but in half the world is how the new queen of pop is known: Dua Lipa. The British singer of Albanian-Kosovar descent is the last great star in the firmament of commercial pop at the level of Beyoncé, Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga. Last year was the most played artist on Spotify in the UK, beating Rihanna or Ariana Grande, but was not the result of chance or fashion. This 22-year-old girl is the generational voice of young British women today, although its impact reaches teenagers from several countries.

Dua Lipa, who will perform tonight at the gala The 40 Music Awards along with Pablo Alborán, David Guetta, Dani Martín and Beba Rexha, he debuted in music two years ago with the single Be the One and became a hit. Currently, with only one disc, their figures are stratospheric. Your song New Rules It has more than 984 million reproductions while other two compositions reach 600 million and the rest do not go down from the tens of millions in Spotify. On YouTube, the numbers multiply by almost two.

But, beyond this dizzying cover letter, New Rules it has become a feminine anthem, calling women to action against any toxic and dominant man. "If you are under him, you will never be up," concludes one of his verses. With her explosive aesthetic, Dua Lipa, a fashion lover, uses her social networks – on Instagram she has 20'7 million followers and 2'6 on Twitter – and her public appearances to speak boldly about feminism, but also about the LGBTQ community.

His charisma in concert, as demonstrated in the last edition of the Mad Cool festival last summer, also moves to life offstage. With self-confidence and a certain dose of rebellion, you can remember a Chrissie Hynde, leader of The Pretenders, but in the current millennial landscape. In just three years of career, the singer is a model for new generations, even for female colleagues on both sides of the Atlantic. In fact, Rosalia, the last phenomenon of Spanish music, he has set his sights on her more than any other pop star to build his current artistic figure, both in the use of styling and social networks for their promotion.

He has about ten tattoos on his body. One of the most visible is the one in one of your hands and in which you can read in English "patience". A word that his parents always repeat to achieve any goal in life. He does not want to forget it. Their great inspiration is their parents, who had to flee the war in Yugoslavia in 1992. They took refuge in London, where she was born and where her mother went from being a lawyer and her father a dentist to work both in bars and cafes to earn life. According to his words, "they worked every day and at all hours".

When they were able to return to Koovo, thanks to the fact that his father got a job after taking a business master's degree in London at night school, Dua went with them, but it did not last long. Enough time to attend his first concert: one of the rappers Snoop Dogg and Method Man. He awoke his love for music to the point that he told his parents he was going back to London to prepare for college while he combined it with studies. of music in a school on weekends. Was 14 years old. Back in the British capital, with patience and talent he dedicated himself to upload videos and songs to YouTube and SoundCloud. He called the attention of Lana Del Rey's manager and signed her. He stopped studying and recorded his first song in a professional studio. Since then, Dua Lipa is synonymous with success.

A constellation of musical stars

The WiZink Center in Madrid is hosting another gala of the 40 Music Awards tonight. The tickets are sold out.

First class stars like Dua Lipa, David Guetta, Bebe Rexha, Melendi, Pablo Alborán, Anne-Marie, Dani Martín, 21st Floor, Sofía Reyes, Bazzi, David Bisbal, Tom Walker, Malú, Pablo López, Aitana, Ana Guerra and Eleni Foureira will step on stage at the Wizink Center to offer a show that is scheduled to last three hours.

The gala will be presented by Tony Aguilar, who will be the master of ceremonies and will be accompanied by Cristina Boscá and Dani Moreno The rooster, presenters Go now.

Retransmission in several channels. You can follow the red carpet and the show through the station of Los 40, los40.com, Facebook Live, YouTube and Twitter of Los 40.


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