Drug trafficking skips confinement - La Provincia

In more than a few cases, the addiction can more than fear coronavirus. The drug is behind numerous violations of confinement, especially repeat offenders, police sources explain to EL PERIÓDICO.

On the tenth day of alarm status, the State Security Forces carried 990 arrests and 114,000 complaints to people who leave without reason. This weekend the figure will rise. And again part of the complaints will not be due to ignorance so much as to the need to catch marijuana, hashish, cocaine, heroin or pills.

The disobedience they proliferate when domestic drug reserves are scarce. It is not possible to count the cases, because the policemen do not have time to write down statistics of the motives of those who break the confinement.

In the absence of official figures, the agents' sense of smell: "I carry a barrage of denounced"says J. G. non-commissioned officer of the Civil Guard stationed near the home of a camel of his demarcation, in Valencia." And the less you let them sell, the more customers come, "he adds.

"Some hide in the Car Trunk. Others come out with a ticket from the previous day's supermarket, and others carry dry bread in a bag to make us believe they are coming from the purchase, "says a colleague from the previous one, who patrols the towns that surround the city of Alicante.

The attempt to cheat is not just for young people. On the 25th the Navarra Provincial Police told it. In VillafrancaNear Tudela, they denounced three times for disobedience and resistance to authority an octogenarian sitting at the door of her house. She had twelve doses of speed in three pockets in a pocket, surely for sale, despite the fact that she declared to the agents: "I am here, keeping speed for my granddaughter."

The next day, one of those arrested by that police body in Tudela was not only going without a license in your car: I was driving drunk on speed and cannabis. It had been dry days and he had decided to binge.

Monkey at home

"It is that if I don't smoke, I get very angry," she says. Yolanda C., a neighbor of an important town in the Sierra de Madrid, who has run out of marijuana he smokes daily. Trying to hide with a shopping bag, he has gone out looking for grass, but he does not see camels. "They have disappeared," he laments.

In his city he has only found "a wretch" who has sold him "a dry hashish, from the year it was invented, a filthy thing that does nothing." And it is not enough for her, addicted to cannabinoids since she was 18 years old and has been consuming 38.

In many houses throughout the country the monkey grows these days. "Why don't they give us Sativex? Doctors would have to prescribe it for us, "says Yolanda, desperate and obfuscated. She refers to a cannabis-based anti-spastic drug. In her delirium, other solutions occur to her:" Please let the police and judges release and distribute the drug. drug that intervene judicially! There are a lot of people like me! "

Tension between bars

Two tennis balls in the courtyard of the Quatre Camins prison. It is the last incident with drugs in Catalan jails. As reported by the Ser, this Saturday someone threw those two balls from the outside, not to promote the sport: inside they had two blocks of resin of 30 grams each. The drug did not reach its recipients.

The restriction on drug trafficking seriously worries prison officials, convinced all those consulted that it is a matter of time that this complicates the intramural environment. With the vis-a-vis ban, no drugs enter the modules. More phone calls are allowed, even some mobiles in Catalonia, to relax the tension. But as much as addicts place phone orders, the drug does not flow.

There is no way to prove it and, therefore, the suspicion that Catalan prison sources have on the role of drug shortages in the last hard weekend is an estimate: a plant of 60 prisoners in an ordinary compliance module in Brians I prison on Saturday 21. And in Quatre Camins, another campus. Both, favorably resolved.

Of the prisons administered by the Ministry of the Interior, Picassent, with two incidents between prisoners and guards in 12 days -two officials required medical attention for blows with a broomstick-, is cause for concern, although the most prominent so far took place in El Puerto de Santa María. In his penitentiaries II and III a riot broke out with 18 prisoners, two of whom climbed onto the roof. Fifteen went to isolation.

There were no more consequences to regret, no less, than an official bitten on the arm. His companions were convinced that the lack of vis a vis fanned the tension. Now, after more recent incidents, they suspect it is drug lawsuits. To scarcer, more value, and more fierce the fight. "It is the lack of money, Emotional Support, to see the family ... a little bit of everything, and no drugs enter, "sums up a veteran Basque official.


On the street, drug retail has become more discreet, and prices have risen one hundred percent. Addicts are left with their camel taking advantage of outings for bread, says a daily Madrid consumer of enriched cannabis who, in the face of famine, is spending these days on the legal buds of CBD, not hallucinogenic but reassuring, and affordable online.

"Some who go with the dog have little interest in the pet," says an urban guard from Poble Nou in Barcelona. He alludes to the encounters of canine walkers, for the clandestine provisioning: "They are called by phone, and the drug is left in a trash can, a corner of a wall, the lamppost box or the bottom of a bench on the Bogatell beach promenade. And the payment, the same. "

In Cádiz, police sources also refer to drug retail as "perreros". Generally young with a dangerous breed dog. In Madrid, a veteran of the Municipal Police talks about "the goalkeepers", They hide in a portal, not necessarily the one in your house, and these days make it a place for a quick appointment with the client.

In Almeria, the drug flows with fewer problems through the flat roofs of the La Chanca neighborhood, at the foot of the citadel, "although here it is more difficult for the reserves to run out," says a third municipal council. "They have to throw away the entire quarantine."


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