Drivers will pay 670 million for the "tax" on diesel

Drivers will pay 670 million for the "tax" on diesel


The Government of Pedro Sanchez has confirmed this Monday to present its draft General State Budget for 2019 that will punish the consumption of diesel with increased taxation. Specific, the Socialist Executive will progressively raise the taxation of gas oil to match that of gasoline. With this measure, and according to the accounts detailed by the Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Montero, the State will collect 670 million euros, which according to the Executive will not affect transport professionals, such as between carriers and taxi drivers, but logically they will pay the drivers.

This figure is more than double what will be collected, for example, of the increase in taxes on high incomes: the increase of IRPF to those who earn more than 130,000 euros in the income from work and savings from 140,000 euros will enter 326 million, and the increase of the tax on the Patrimony to the great fortunes will raise 339 million, according to the estimates of the Government.

Equating the taxation of diesel to gasoline will raise by about 2.15 euros per deposit, to 38 euros per 1,000 liters of diesel, the tax contribution of this fuel. For an average consumer will translate into 3.3 euros more per month. Of those 670 million euros of higher collection of estimated diesel, the Government plans to allocate more 200 million to promote the purchase of electric and hybrid, in the framework of the so-called 2020 Renewal Plan.


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