Drivers who have overcome cancer will be able to renew their license every 10 years

Drivers who have overcome cancer will be able to renew their license every 10 years

He oncological forgetfulness It will be a reality from this Saturday for drivers who have overcome cancer because they will be able to renew their driving license under the same conditions as the rest of the general population, that is, every decade in the case of being up to 64 years old or every five years if they are 65 or older.

This will be possible thanks to an order from the Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Demographic Memory published this Friday in the Official State Gazette (BOE), and which It will go into effect this Saturday.

This measure forms part of what was announced almost two weeks ago by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, that the Executive would modify the legislation to implement the right to be forgotten oncology in some standards.

The Government will guarantee by law that patients who have had cancer cannot be discriminated against

The right to be forgotten oncology is approved in the European Parliament for just over a year. In addition, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, the Netherlands and Greece already have it regulated. Now Portugal, Italy and Spain join them.

The Presidency order, collected by Servimedia, modifies the General Regulations for Drivers, which establishes that drivers with oncohematologic disorders and in possession of licenses to drive cars, motorcycles or mopeds can renew their license for a maximum period of three years from three years after overcoming the disease and up to 10 years after their complete remission duly accredited by a medical report.

Besides, the valid driving license these vehicles is a maximum of five years for those who have overcome a non-hematological oncological process.

"The current regulation considerably limits the deadlines for the extension of the permit or driving license to people who have suffered an oncological disease, despite having been accredited by a doctor the remission of the same or there is no evidence of the disease and not being in adjuvant treatment " , indicates the order.