May 15, 2021

D'Rivera: "There is nothing in the world that sounds like a 'big band' – La Provincia

D'Rivera: "There is nothing in the world that sounds like a 'big band' - La Provincia

"I always say that every time I want to have a good time and lose a little money, I organize a big band ", Cuban musician Paquito D 'said yesterday Rivera, one of the living references of Latin music and jazz, which this weekend adds to the Gran Canaria Big Band led by the trumpeter Sebastián Gil in his traditional Christmas concert at the Cuyás Theater, which celebrates its tenth edition this year . Under the title 10 years in the Cuyás, this musical event that brings together a large list of faithful every December edge since 2009 is transformed into a great Latin party that commemorates its first decade of flight and that has already hung the "all sold" poster.

In the ranks of the composition, the saxophone, the clarinet and the piano, Paquito D'Rivera, which has more than half a century of experience and 14 Grammy awards, has threaded a program that is imbued with the legacy jazz Latin, with stitches of references such as Astor Piazzolla, Bebo Valdés, Michel Camilo or Ernesto Lecuona, who died in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 1963.

"Almost all my concerts pay tribute to the contribution of composers and performers south of the border, which has been very great, because they have contributed tremendously to the music of a country of immigrants, such as Cuba, from where this jazz is born" , D 'Rivera said yesterday in the Chamber Josefina de la Torre of Cuyás Theater during the presentation of the program, together with Gil and Gonzalo Ubani, artistic director of the venue.


The Cuban musician advanced that this double musical evening will trace "a kind of journey through the different musical genres of countries like Cuba, Puerto Rico, Brazil or Argentina, in the key of jazz. "" This is what we are going to do: jazz music, but inspired by composers from Latin America, "he stressed." But jazz is probably the most impure genre that exists and that is its main virtue, because a large part of his style is improvisation, so there is always something that is not known that will happen in his concerts. And this surprise factor is the great charm of this genre. "

The scenic direction of the show is the responsibility of the playwright and director Mario Vega (One Hour Less Productions) and, along with D'Rivera, the proposal also includes Cuban pianist and composer Pepe Rivero, who is a regular in the clarinetist's line-up. Precisely, Rivero served as "celestino" and point of convergence between Sebastián Gil and Paquito D'Rivera, who responded to the efforts of the director of the Big Band to commemorate his tenth anniversary with the legend of jazz.

For his part, D'Rivera confessed yesterday that he responded to the "enchanted" proposal, not only because of his confessed attraction towards "the wrinkled potatoes and the mojo picón, besides the warmth and the treatment of the Canarians", but for the opportunity to conquer the scenario in the classic format of the legendary big bands Americans "Not every day you have the opportunity to play in a big band, a very unique and funny format, "reflected the musician." Because today it is not easy to be able to unite 20 musicians to play in an orchestra and, nevertheless, there is nothing in the world that sounds like a big band, which has a unique sound, "added D'Rivera, who has founded and led world-renowned ensembles, such as the United Nations Orchestra, the Chamber Jazz Ensemble or the Paquito D'Rivera Big Band.

"The big band He lived his golden age around the 40s, when it was economically viable, but with the passage of time it has become increasingly difficult and expensive to gather so many musicians, so the possibility of being able to play with a big band I find a wonderful combination in a place like the Canaries, "he laughed.

In this regard, D 'Rivera, who joined the rehearsals this week with the Gran Canarian training, celebrated "the enthusiasm to work" that is transmitted to him by the Gran Canaria Big Band. "Playing with them is very fun because they have a lot of enthusiasm, and enthusiasm is a very important part of any activity, not just music," he added. For his part, Sebastián Gil confessed that "as a trumpeter, I grew up listening to Paquito's records and the saxophonists of the band live it even more". "For us it is a dream to have Paquito with us in the Gran Canaria Big Band and we are at your service to carry out this repertoire, which is really beautiful", he concluded.

However, it should be remembered that both Paquito D'Rivera and Pepe Rivero will give a master class tomorrow at the Canary Islands Conservatory of Music at their headquarters in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Those interested can register through the website:


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