July 14, 2020

"Dreamers" call for the end of US detention centers in Mexico

Mexicans deported from the United States asked on Friday against the demise of this country in Mexico City the closure of migrant detention centers in which, they claimed, kept them in terrible condition.

At a rally attended by about a hundred representatives of civil associations and the Democratic Party of the United States abroad, they also requested that the human rights of Mexicans residing in the United States be complied with.

"What is being done (in these centers) is illegal, you can not have migrants in these conditions," said Deputy President of the Democrats in Mexico City, Lori Diane Smith, in an interview with Efe.

During the protest, in which the assistants pronounced slogans such as "Human rights for our brothers" or "No more cages, children to the classrooms", they also reminded the Central American migrants who transit Mexico with final destination United States, who suffer hard circumstances on the road and in many cases are deported to their countries of origin.

Several of those present assured that the treatment that both Mexicans and Central Americans are receiving is for electoral purposes, since the current president Donald Trump can be reelected in the elections of 2020.

The activist Alexandra Rodríguez, representative of Other Dreamers in Action and ELA for trans-Latins, claimed in an interview with EFE the human rights of those "who are being criminalized for seeking a better future".

"For me it is important to be here protesting against these anti-immigrant policies by both the United States Government and the Mexican government, which is now also persecuting Central American migrants who are en route to the north," Rodriguez added.

Since October 2018, thousands of Central American migrants flee their countries and cross Mexico in search of the American dream.

The migration is due especially to the violence and poverty that exists in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Likewise, the climate crisis wreaked havoc on the so-called Dry Corridor of Central America, affecting the continuity of harvests and generating hunger and unemployment.

The 2.8 million migrants arrived without papers to the United States. when they were minors, they are known as "dreamers" (dreamers).

Currently 11 million undocumented people live in the United States with the risk of being deported because of Trump's anti-immigrant policies, which has already managed to reach an agreement with the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, which has reinforced border controls and a boom substantial deportations.

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