September 27, 2020

Dramatic rescue of a child who spent four minutes sunk in a hotel pool

Police make public the video of the drowning sequence to raise awareness of the need to keep children under surveillance

The police in Livonia, Michigan, have published an excerpt from a dramatic video, recorded on January 24, in which a two-year-old boy spends four minutes underwater in the pool at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel. In the images you see a group of people enjoying the pool and with the supervision of several adults. At one point, the two-year-old boy gets into the water where there were more people and tries to swim to stay afloat but fails. Gradually he moves towards the other end of the pool face up, with his head under the water and moving, slowly and slowly, arms and legs. At one point, stop moving and start sinking. The water is very cloudy and the sunken child is not clearly visible. The strange thing is that none of the adults notice what is happening and it seems that nobody misses it. Until 9-year-old Miranda Avery, who was walking along the curb, realizes that there is something at the bottom of the water and tells her godmother an adult that the child lay motionless at the bottom of the pool.

They immediately called for emergencies and two nurses who were in the hotel began to perform resuscitation maneuvers. After several cycles of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the child managed to expel the water and regained his breath. The boy was transported to a local hospital where he was treated and released a few hours later.

According to a police officer, “the two nurses, the girl who alerted and her godmother saved the boy’s life and therefore have been nominated to receive the Exceptional Service Award from the Livonia Police Department for their actions.” In parallel, an investigation has been opened to clarify what happened.

The Livonia Police Department released the video to raise awareness among families of the need to keep children under surveillance when they are in the pools because, according to US statistics, three drowned children die every day in the country and it is the first cause of mortality of children under one to four years and that 88 percent of these drownings occur when an adult is present.

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