Drama in many nursing homes - La Provincia

The panorama in this Madrid residence it gets worse, for days. S27 already deceased. Even a person in charge of the center has come out to speak to the media and thus launch a message of help. We found similar cases throughout the country. In a residence in Torrent, in Valencia, there are already nine elderly people who have died in recent days, many without being transferred to hospitals due to saturation. In this other residence of Leganés, in Madrid, total secrecy. The relatives speak of dozens of deceased, but according to them the management does not inform them. The latest data is dramatic. There are already about 400 deceased in the nursing homes. 11% of the total fatalities of the Covid-19. The centers ask for toilets and medical supplies, because transfers to the hospital are slow. In a residence in Granada, the coronavirus outbreak came at the end of last week, since last Saturday 10 elderly people have died.


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