May 16, 2021

Drag with your car a policeman who was going to arrest him for gender violence

Drag with your car a policeman who was going to arrest him for gender violence

Agents of the National Police have arrested a 40-year-old man residing in Cartagena as the alleged perpetrator of several crimes, including an attack against an agent of the authorities, against traffic safety, breaking a sentence, and as for gender violence, having four searches for the latter.

The alleged perpetrator, at the time of the arrest, attacked one of the agents, Holding him by the arm when the policeman tried to disconnect the engine so he would not run away and thus be able to arrest him.

The police action began last Wednesday when through the Room of Operations 091 a call was received where a woman from the public street requested the police presence, since she was hidden because her ex-partner, of whom she had an order of distance and communication, he was close to it in his vehicle.

According to police sources, thanks to citizen collaboration, the vehicle is located nearby. A worker in the area told the police patrol the location of the vehicle, observing his driver the police action from the distance, reason why when the police vehicle approached him, this one tried to flee from the place, before which a component of the patrol tried to retire the key of the contact to avoid the flight.

At that moment the driver grabbed the officer's arm and started the reverse maneuver, dragging the policeman, who hit the road.

The author and driver left the place at great speed again endangering both agents and pedestrians and vehicles in their path, emphasize the same sources in a press release.

The agents made several arrangements for the early location and detention when considering the UFAM (Family and Women Unit) that this person entailed a serious risk to anyone who stood in their way, and was finally arrested at his home in a neighborhood of The Union.

The author had been denounced on three occasions, for his ex-partner, since last November 3, being accused of the crimes of mistreatment in the family, coercion and threats. Likewise, another order of separation and communication about a woman resident in the capital of Spain.

The police operation was developed by the National Sewer Police Station, belonging to the National Police Headquarters of the Region of Murcia.


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